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What Essentially is the Prohibition against Hametz? Shabtai Ha-Cohen Rappaport 2015 602.6
Recounting or Remembering Doron Danino 2014 586.7
The Women on the Banks of the Nile Miriam Gillis-Carlebach 2013 44.0
The Ancient and Proper Blessing for Seeing Trees in Bloom Engineer Yaakov Levinger 2012 92.6
Northern French Exegesis on the Song of Songs Dr. Baruch Alster 2011 37.4
A Haggadah for Israel Dr. Haggai Ben-Arzi 2009 45.8
Yemenite Matzah Dr. Aharon Gimani 2008 56.1
Four Sons, Four Redemptions Rabbi Dr. Haniel Farber 2006 26.7
The Four Sons: What to Ask or How to Ask? Dr. Yossie Liebersohn 2005 39.4
Redemption, Resurrection, and Passover Gabby Barzilai 2004 28.3
The Song of Songs and Human Relations Dr. Ruth Wolf 2003 12.1
The Fifth Question: Why Is Moses Missing? Dr. Michael Avioz 2003 13.6
Passover in the Yemenite Tradition Dr. Moshe Gavra 2002 14.1
Must Women Recline at the Seder? Dr. Yaakov Gartner 2002 23.4
Parashat Tzav and the Laws of Kashering for Passover Rabbi Aharon Katz 2001 14.7
"Recounting the Exodus": A Family Haqhel R. Judah Zoldan 2000 16.2
Why Four (or is it Five?) Cups? Menahem Ben-Yashar 1999 14.1
Editor's note Dr. Isaac Gottlieb 1998 2.3
The Omer and Loaves Brought from the Coastal Plain Avraham Sasson and Dr. Zohar Omer 1998 16.1
On Bread, Sacrifice and Political Freedom Dr. Hanan Eshel 1998 6.3
Laws and Customs of Passover Naftali Stern 1997 27.9
The Afikomen Prof. Josef Tabory 1997 12.8
Seder Night Customs and Linguistic Forms in the Aggadeta D'pischa (Haggadah of Passover) in the Tradition of the Jews of Yemen Zemach Keissar 1997 28.4

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VaYera BeShalach Tazria Shelach Reeh
Chaye Sarah Yithro Metzorah Korach Shoftim
Toledoth Mishpatim Acharey Moth Chukath Ki Tetze
VaYetze Teruma Kedoshim Balak Ki Tavo
VaYishlach Tetzaveh Emor Pinchas Nitzavim
VaYeshev Ki Tissa BeHar Mattoth VaYelekh
MiKetz VaYakhel BeChukothai Massey Haazinu
VaYigash Pekudey VeZoth

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