Mr. Daniel Weishut

Daniel J.N. Weishut (1963) is a professional with a diverse background and about twenty five years of experience in consultation and therapy with a wide variety of clients and issues. Taking a world-view that people are diverse but equal, he offers his services as a "Partner on the Way".

Academic Credentials
- Clinical & Organizational Psychology, with focus on group processes, PsyD Candidate - Professional School of Psychology, Sacramento, California
- Business Administration, MBA - Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2007)
- Clinical psychologist, MA - Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1988)

Professional Credentials
- Licenced clinical psychologist (no. 3333)
- Licenced hypnotist (no. 278)

Professional Experience
- Over twelve year of governance and management in various organizations
- About twenty years of group facilitation
- About twenty five years of therapy with individuals
- Supervision and training of professionals
- Variety of publications

Professional Affiliations
- "Meuhedet" Health fund
- Teachers Association
- I.D.F. and Ministry of Defense
- Associations for social change
- Mental health institutes

Membership in Professional Organizations
- Israel Association of Psychologists
- Association of Clinical Psychologists in Israel
- Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy
- Israel Association of Hypnosis

Volunteering and Social Change
For years, much of his spare time is devoted to volunteering in organizations for social change.
- He is active in Amnesty International as Chairperson Control Committee (Israel Section)
- He is part of a project for raising awareness about the situation of Bedouins around Jerusalem (Jahalin Tours).
- He is Board Member of the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy.

Special Interest
Daniel works with a variety of clients. However, his special interest is in work with those who have found themselves persecuted or otherwise in conflict with their social environment, because of their culture, identity or belief system. For example: migrants, expats, refugees, Holocaust survivors, soldiers, pacifists, and individuals from religious, cultural or sexual minorities.

Fluent: English, Hebrew, Dutch
Basic: French, German, Arabic