The image was created by ME-art: a multielectrode recording from a culture of neurons controlling robotic arms moving pens on a piece of paper.

With kind permission from Guy Ben-Ary and Steve Potter.



The Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University brings together researchers in a variety of fields which are essential to understanding the brain, including psychology, physics, linguistics, computing and biology.

Research at the Gonda Center studies the brain at all levels - from behavior and cognitive processing through detailed mechanisms of information processing in neural circuits, to the analysis of vital molecules within nerve cells. Research approaches cover all techniques from personal interviews, through electro physiology and from molecular biology to abstract mathematical modeling. The Gonda Center attracts new, top-flight researchers from Israel and around the world.




Exploring the unconscious using faces.


Axelrod, V., Bar, M. and Rees, G., 2015. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19(1): 35-45.


Faces help to understand unconscious processing of numerous cognitive systems.


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Levy, J., Vidal, J.R., Fries, P., DיMonet, J-F. and Goldstein, A., 2015. Selective neural synchrony suppression as a forward gatekeeper to piecemeal conscious perception. Cerebral Cortex.


Zeev-Wolf, M., Faust, M., Levkovitz, Y., Harpaz, Y. and Goldstein, A., 2015. Magnetoencephalographic evidence of early right hemisphere over-activation during metaphor comprehension in schizophrenia. Psychophysiology.


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May 4, 2016
Congratulations to our students Orilia Ben Yishay and Hagar Lavian, for winning the the Rector's prize!


May 9, 2016 14:00
Weekly Seminar - Prof. Joab Chapman, Department of Neurology, Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv University - Coagulation pathways in the brain in health and disease


May 16, 2016 14:00
Weekly Seminar - Prof. Raz Yirmiya, Department of Psychology, HUJI - TBA


May 23, 2016 14:00
Weekly Seminar - Prof. Amir Amedi, Department of Medical Physiology, and ELSC, HUJI - TBA