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About the program

The Interdisciplinary Program in Conflict Management and Negotiation at Bar-Ilan University focuses on graduate level (M.A and Ph.D) studies. Faculty and students examine and test the utility of models and techniques in negotiation, diplomacy and conflict management in a wide range of issues of central importance to Israeli society and internationally.

This summer there will be a 5 part summer course available. For more information:

The program primarily concentrates on three fields:

1. International and Regional Conflicts
Analysis of international political and regional negotiations, including Middle East peace efforts; comparative studies of the structures, processes and results in regional conflicts, such as Northern Ireland, Cyprus, the Balkans, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Asia, etc.; and examination of the fundamental assumptions about human nature and society, and the causes of war and factors impinging on and contributing to peace.

2. Dialogue and Conflict Management in Israel
Analysis of efforts to deal with conflict within Israeli society and domestic politics, including religious-secular divisions, tensions between new immigrants and €veteran€ Israelis, relations between ethnic groups, relations between Israel€™s Jewish majority and Arab minority in the context of a Jewish democratic framework, and relations between different socio-economic groups, etc.

3. Interpersonal and Community Mediation and Conflict Reduction Techniques
Introduction of mediation and conflict reduction techniques at the family, community, and society levels in order to reduce the level of violence within Israeli society, particularly within the context of Jewish tradition and culture. We emphasize transformation from zero-sum to positive sum, or win-win cooperative frameworks.

Conferences and Events

Bar-Ilan Campus Mediation Center

The Bar-Ilan Campus Mediation Center, staffed by the program€™s faculty, graduates and students, provides minimal cost mediation and conflict management services to the campus community and beyond.
Students are exposed to practical training in mediation and conflict management programs as part of their graduate program.

A special preliminary course in mediation that fulfills government requirement for official recognition as mediators is offered to our students. Those graduating this course are later able to take an active role in the clinic.

The Center also handles cases referred to the center by the Israeli courts. These cases are mediated by students supervised by experienced mediators. Center volunteers have also been active in introducing educational programs about mediation in elementary schools in Israel.

The Center€™s Director, Rivka Albek Solomon, a former research student in our program, is an experienced mediator with expertise in the field of mediation among the disabled.

The Israel Journal Of Conflict Resolution
כתב העת הישראלי ל יהול ויישוב סכסוכים
The late Hans Bachrach of Melbourne, Australia was the visionary behind the founding of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation at Bar-Ilan University.
We thank the Bachrach family for their ongoing support and encouragement.