Faculty of Life Science.

Name Year Awarded Dissertation and Supervisor
Acad Bat-Ami 1985 Physiological consequences of heterogenic oxygen supply to the myocardium.
    Supervisor: Dr. Y. Kedem.
Ailenberg Menachem 1987 The influence of sex steroid hormones on colective motility and other biochemical events of ram spermatozoa.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisors: Prof. B. Bartoov, Prof. A. Mayevsky.
Almeida, Fo. Altino P. 1986 The relationship between the early embryo and the uterine environment in dairy cattle.
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Bartoov.
Alter Ariela 1999 Study of Factors Affecting the Involvement of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell in an Atherosclerotic Process
    Supervisor: Prof. Arie Rozenszajn.
Amir Dan 1989 Investigation of the folding process of a globular protein by means of non-radiative energy transfer measurements.
    Supervisor: Dr. E. Hass.
Avichezer Dody (Abikhzer) 1991 The Biological nd Antitumoral Effects Of Lectins From Plants, Animals and Bacteria.
    Supervisor: Prof. C.N. Garber.
Bakhanashvili Mary 1984 The effect of interferon on molecular events associated with the replication of RNA tumor viruses.
    Supervisor: Dr. S. Salzberg.
Balass Moshe 1992 Temperature - Dependent Resistance to Downy Mildew in Melon Plants (pI 124111F Line): Structural Responses and Analysis of Constitutive and Induced Proteins.
    Supervisors: Prof. Y. Cohen, Prof. M. Bar-Yossef.
barda-Saad Mira 1999 Stusy of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Their Involvement in T-Cell Lymphopoiesis
    With Highest Distinction
    Supervisors: Prof. Arie Rozenszajn & Prof. Dov Zipori.
Bassukevitz (Sofer)Yonit ČReg lation of mitochondrial 92Čand soluble hexokinase under different conditions.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Beitner.
Bechor(Twaina) Edna 1990 The Role of Mitochondrial ene Expression in Ram Sperm Activity.
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Bartoov.
Ben-Dor Israel 1999 The Regulation of Tissue and Subcellular Distribition of the FER Proteins
    With Highest Distinction
    Supervisor: Dr. Uri Nir.
Berman Ilana Frank 1996 Inorganic carbon vailability for dinoflagellate Photosynthesis in lake kinneret
    Supervisors: Prof. Z. Dubinsky; Prof. J. Erez; Dr. T. Zahari.
Bern Orna 1998 Studies on the Functioning of the p94fer and p51fer T Kinases in Cell Cultures
    Supervisor: Dr. Uri Nir
Birnbaum Miriam 1991 Factors Regulating Growth and Differentiation in Tissue Culture.
    Supervisor: Prof. S. Salzberg.
Blumberg Sara Benyamini 1999 Common Regulation f Feeding and Reproduction by Pheromones in Aplysia Fasciata
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Susswein
Botzer Dina 1998 Multiple Memory Processes Following Training that a Food is Inedible in Aplysia
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Susswein
Brik Hadassa 1994 Hormonal Effects on Skeletal and Heart Muscle Cells in Culture.
    Supervisor: Prof. Asher Shainberg
Brickner Itzchak 1995 Ecology, systematics and phylogenetics of coral inhabiting barnacles in the Gulf of Eilat.
    Supervisors: Prof. Y. Achituv; prof.Y. Loya.
Brodie Chaya 1989 Characterization and regulation of Na-K pump in cultured skeletal myotubes.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: Prof. S.R. Sampson.
Budu Claudia Evelina 1998 The Effect of Amiodarone on eart Muscle Cells Grown in Culture
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Shainberg
Cahan Rivka 1995 Characterization and mechanism of action of the 28 KD protein component of crystal toxin produced by Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Nitzan.
Carmel Miri 1999 Cloning of the Fer Promoter and Characterization of its Cis Acting Elements
    Supervisor: Dr. Uri Nir.
Cohen Samuel 1999 Possible Resistance Mechanisms in Corn against Exserohilum turcicum
    Supervisors: Prof. Prof. Y. Levi & Prof. Yigal Cohen
Kahana Anat 1998 ČIsolation and Molecular Characterization of Genes Related to Sex Expression in Cucumber
    Supervisors: Prof. Y. Cohen, Dr. R. Perl-Treves
Caspi Rachel R. 1984 Identification and characterization of lymphocyte subpopulations in fish.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Avtalion.
Chen-Zion Malca 1992 Mechanisms involved n the regulation of glycolysis under various hormonal conditions.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Beitner.
Cohen Bat-Sheva 1986 Enzymic pathways involved in oxidation of unsaturated fats and chlorophyll bleaching in plants.
    Supervisors: Prof. S. Grossman, Prof. A. Pinsky.
Cohen Natalie 1998 The Influence of Low Power Laser on Calcium Metabolism in Spermatozoa Implications for Fertilization
    Supervisor: Prof. H. Breitbart
Costrici Nadine 1996 The Mechanism of Action of IGF-I on Estradiol Production in Granulosa Cells
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Lunenfeld
Disatnik Marie-Helene 1992 Characterization nd regulation of B-adrenergic receptors on rat skeletal and cardiac muscle cells in culture.
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Shainberg.
Don Jeremy 1990 Study of Ploidy and Artificial Induction of Gynogenesis in Tilapias.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Avtalion.
Dovrat Sara (Bari) 1994 The Effect of Interferon IFN)on the Integration and Expression of Oncogenes of Cellular and Viral Origin.
    Supervisor: Prof. Shmuel Zaltsberg.
Eisenberg- Kaplansky Miriam 1986 Changes in the levels of glucose 1,6-Diphosphate in muscle and skin induced by variety of compounds and their regulatory significance in carbohydrate metabolism.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Beitner.
El-Ani Dalia (Zilcka) 1996 Characterization and egulation of A1 Adenosine Receptors on Rat Cardiac Cells in Culture
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Shainberg.
Fisher Tamar 1998 Photoacclimation and Light Harvesting in Nannochloropsis sp.
    Supervisors: Prof. Zvi. Dubinsky & Dr. Dan Katcoff
Fishman Pnina 1988 In vitro growth of human basophils and mast cells: Characterization and isolation of their growth factors.
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Sredni.
Frucht Henriette 1986 Changes in carbohydrate metabolism under conditions of damage to the muscle.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Beitner.
Furman Esther (Guggenheimer) 1989 Interaction between cardiac unction and efficiency of energy metabolism in the ischemic heart in vivo.
    Supervisor: Dr. Y. Kedem.
Fostick-Magyar Claude 1997 Polyunsaturated Fatty cids, Peroxidizing Enzymes and Endogenous Antioxidants in Microcystis aeruginosa
    Supervisors: Prof. z. Dubinsky & Prof. S. Grossman.
Gafter Uzi 1996 The Effect of Blood Constituents on Immune Responses
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: prof. B. Sredni
Ghinsberg Raul 1989 Isolation of #Chlamydia Trachomatis from different population groups in Israel, serotyping of the isolates, and investigation of the prevalence of antibodies in serum.
    Supervisor: Prof. D. Sompolinsky.
Greenberg-Levy Sima 1989 Metabolism of arachidonic acid in brain of chikcs affected by nutritional encephalomalacia (NE).
    Supervisors: Prof. S. Grossman, Prof. P. Budowski.
Hazan Bella 1995 Studies of the Function and Regulation of a Novel Tyrosine Kinase Gene
    Supervisor: Dr. U. Nir
Hellering Zaidman Ilana 1987 Inhibition of immune responses to sheep red blood cells in rats after immunization with heterophilic antigen: A model for interaction of multiple antigens present on red blood cell membrane.
    Supervisor: Prof. K. Stern.
Herman Shoshy (Havlin) 1999 Mechanism of Stimulation f the Immune System by Erythrocytes and their Components
    Supervisors: Prof. B. Sredni & Prof. Zvi Malik
Herzig Ronny 1989 The effect of light shade adaptation on various aspects of the photosynthetic parameters and on energy partitioning between cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation of phytoplankton.
    Supervisor: Prof. Z. Dubinsky.
Hurwitz Itay 1996 B31/B32 Cells in Aplysia Californiea: Central and Peropheral Role in Feeding Pattern Generation
    With Highest Distinction
    Supervisor: Prof. A.J.Susswien
Iluz David 1998 The Light Field, Phytoplankton Pigmentation and Productivity in the Gulf of Eilat
    With Highest Distinction
    Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Dubinsky
Iny Danny 1992 The Enzymatic Oxidation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids by a Thermophilic Actinomycete.
    Supervisors: Prof. A. Pinsky, Prof. S. Grossman.
Ish Shalom Naomi Gordon 1991 Resistance of unflower to Orobanche.
    Supervisors: Prof. Y. Cohen, Dr. R. Jacobson.
Kadish David 1995 Fitness of metalaxyl- sensitive and metalaxyl - resistant isolates of Phytophthora infestans on potato plant cultivars: Epidemiological and genetical aspects.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cohen.
Kahana Anat 1999 Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Genes Related to Sex Expression in Cucumber
    Supervisors: Prof. Yigal Cohen & Dr. Rafael Perl-Treves
Kalechman Yona 1994 Protection and restoration by AS101 of mice hemopoietic system from damages caused by irradiation and chemotherapeutic drugs. Mechanism of action and therapeutic applications.
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Sredni.
Kenigsbuch David 1993 Resistance of Cucumis Melo PI124112 Against Powdery and Downy Mildews: Mode of Inheritance and Expression in Somatic Hybrids.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cohen.
Ladan Hava 1993 The Antimicrobial Mechanism of Porphyrins and Their Complexes.
    Supervisors: Prof. Y. Nitzan Prof. Z. Malik.
Lazarovich Tsilia 1997 A Study of the Adherence Mechanism of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci to bone
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Nitzan.
Lax Yehudith 1995 Investigation of the Signal Transduction Mechanism Leading to Capacitation and Acrosome Reaction in Mammalian Spermatozoa
    Supervisor: Prof. H. Breitbart.
Lejbkowicz Flavio 1991 Regulatory Processes in Differentiation of Erythroleukemic Cells.
    Supervisor:Prof. S. Salzberg.
Lenz Ruth 1985 A study of the interaction of colony stimulating factor (CSF) and murine haemopoietic stem cells in the development of macrophage/granulocyte colonies in agar cultures.
    Supervisor: Prof. D. Pluznik.
Levy Miriam 1995 Control of Respiratory Pumping in the Marine Mollusc Aplysia
    Supervisor: prof. A. Susswein
Livnat Tami 1995 Binding of Glycolytic Enzymes to the Cytoskeleton, a Novel Mechanism in Signal Transduction of Growth Factors and Insulin, and the Changes in Diabetes.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Beitner.
Lommnitski Liat 1995 In Vitro and In vivo Effect of B- Carotene on Lipoxygenase Activity
    With Highest Distinction
    supervisors: Prof. S. Grossman Prof. D. Sklan.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Beitner.
Maggid Naomi 1993 Enzymatic Peroxidation of Arachidonic Acid in Mammalian Ejaculates
    Supervisors: prof. S. Grossman Prof. B. Bar-Tov.
Meilin Aviram 1993 Studies on the role of cytokines in the interaction between thymic epithelial cells and lymphoid cells in culture.
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Shoham.
Michaeli Medeia 1999 Carbohydrate Metabolism: Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis in Ejaculated Ram Spermatozoa
    Supervisor: Prof. Benjamin Bartoov.
Mor Anat 1995 Transfer of Maternal Immunity in Tilapias.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Avtalion.
Mor Orly 1996 Loss of Downy Mildew Resistance in Melon Plants PI 124112 AT Low Temperature
    Supervisor: prof. Y. Cohen.
Nass Lea arden 1993 Relationship etween intracellular calcium, metabolism and motility in spermatozoa.
    Supervisor: Prof. H. Breitbart.
Neubauer Rivka 1990 Comparative Epidemiology of Peronospora pisi# (de Bary). Syd. And Mycosphaerella# Pinodes(Berk. & Blox.) Vestergr. On Pisum Sativum.#
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Rotem.
Nir Ruty 1998 Comparative Study of Lectin Function in Various Stages of Plant and Microbial Development
    Supervisor: Prof. Nechama Gilboa-Garber
Nevo David 1993 Pests and Diseases of Agricultural Crops and their Control in Erez-Israel during the Biblical and Mishna Period.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Feliks.
Paran Nava 1995 Mixotrophic Flagellates in the Kinneret
    Supervisors: Prof. Z. Dubinsky Prof. T. Berman.
Pe'er Sara 1987 Acquired resistance in nicotiana tabacum against #peronospora tabacina.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cohen.
Raviv Ayala 1995 The Mode of Action of B Aminobutyric Acid in Inducing Resistance in Tomato Plants against Late Blight
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cohen
Radnay Judith (Keller) 1987 Human B-Lymphocyte colony development growth characteristics and mechanism of regulation.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Rozensain.
Reznik Rina 1991 Plant water soluble antioxidans characterization and biological activity in vivo.
    Supervisor: Prof. S. Grossman.
Rosen Orna 1999 Characterization of Transient Sensory Ganglia That Degenerate in Normal Embryonic Development in Amniotes and Processes Underlying This Phenomenon
    Supervisor: Dr. R. Goldstein
Rosenberg Shoshana 1992 In vivo and in vitro tudy of helper and suppressor functions in carp (cyprinus carpio).
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Avtalion.
Rosenthal Ziva Galili 1998 Reconstitution nd Protection of the Hemopoietic System and the Immune Responses by AS101 in MCMV (Murine Cytomegalovirus) Infected Mice Mechanism of Action
    Supervisors: Prof. Benjamin Sredni Prof. Bracha Rager
Rubinstein Sara 1994 Characterization of Polyamines Binding to Mammalian Spermatozoa and their Involvement in the Regulation of the Acrosome Reaction.
    Supervisor: Prof. Haim Breitbart.
Samoucha Yair 1986 Control of oomycetes fungal plant pathogens by site - specific fungicides.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cohen.
Sasson (Chitayat) David 1989 Expression and activity of (2'-5') oligoadenylate synthetase in normal and transformed mouse cells.
    Supervisor: Prof. S. Salzberg.
Savion Shoshana (Szczerbovski) 1992 The Role of hymic Stromal Cells in the Differentiation of T Cells.
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Shoham.
Scharf David (Deceased) 1988 The effects of nitrogen sources on the growth of phytoplankton in the Lake Kinneret system.
    Supervisor: Prof. Z. Dubinsky.
Schreiber-Licita Azancot 1996 Studies on Cell Growth and Cell eath Regulation by Interacting Epithelial and Lymphoid Cell in the Thymus.
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Shoham
Schon (Shahin) Irit 1987 Lipoxygenases and other related enzymes involved in the oxidation of unsaturated fatty-acids in the ram reproductive system.
    Supervisor: Prof. S. Grossman.
Schwartz Fidi (Rozen) 1999 The Effect of Low Level Laser rradiation on Muscle Tissue in Vitro - Implication on Cytokines Synthesis and Secretion From the Cells
    Supervisor: Prof. Asher Shainberg
Schwarz Miriam 1986 Mechanisms underlying a learned change of response to inedible food in the sea hare, Aplysia: a combined behavioral and neural study.
    Supervisors: Dr. S. Susswein, Prof. S.R. Sampson.
Shahrabani-Yosef Orna 1997 The Physiological and Molecular Expression of Na+-K+Pump in Cultured Skeletal Muscle
    Supervisor: Prof. S.R. Sampson.
Shainberg Bracha 1996 Induction of Myoglobin and Catalase Synthesis by Hemin in Heart and Skeletal Muscles Grown in Cultures
    Supervisors: Prof. R. Avtalion; prof. A Shainberg.
Shakked Zehavi 1999 Sequences determination of the 45 kDa Protein in melon plants PI124111F resistant to downy mildew and their antifungal activity
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cohen
Shalit Frances (Walfish) 1996 Reletionship Between eurologicl and Immunological Parameters in Mononuclear Cells from Alzheimer Patients
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Sredni
Shmerler Ita (Zlotnik) 1997 Changes Occurring in the lga Haematococcus Pluvialis during Transformation from a Green Vegetative Form to a Red Aplanospore
    Supervisors: Prof. z. Dubinsky & Dr. A. Sukenik.
Simchoni Orit 1998 Reconstruction of the Landscape and Human Economy 19,000 BP in the Upper Jordan Valley by the Botanical Remains Found at Ohalo II
    Supervisor: Prof. M. Kislev
Sofer Danit 1998 Involvement of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectins in the Mechanisms Underlying the High Survival of the Bacterium in Unfavorable Conditions in vitro and in the Host
    Supervisor: Prof. Nechama Gilboa-Garber
Sofer Yossi 1994 Enzymatic Peroxidation of Complex Lipids-Role of Lipoxygenases.
    Supervisors: Prof. S. Grossman, Prof. A. Raz.
Skubatz Hanna 1986 Chemical Properties of water soluble components of plant Surfaces
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Kessler
Stambler Noga 1992 Harvesting and Utilization of Light by Hermatypic Corlas.
    Supervisor: Prof. Z. Dubinsky.
Sudakevitz Dvora 1984 The lectins (hemagglutinins) of pseudomonas aeruginosa# - physiological and immunological aspects.
    Supervisor: Prof. N. Garber.
Razi Vago 1996 Environmental Factors and Dynamics of Growth Processes in Hermatypic Organisms
    Supervisor: Prof. Z. Dubinsky
Trink Barry 1993 Involvement of Interferon in the Process of Differentiation.
    Supervisor: Prof. S. Salzberg.
Timan Bracha 1995 Study of Cell Surface Antigens in Tilapias with Emphasis on Red Blood Cells
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Avtalion
Tennenbaum Tamar Lublin 1996 The Relationship of omponents of the Immune System in Semen to Semen Quality and Sperm Function
    Supervisor: Prof. B. Bar-Tov
Vigdor Sandra Alboim 1998 Characterization nd Regulation of K+ Channels in Cultured Skeletal Muscle
    Supervisor: Prof. S.R. Sampson
Wishkovsky Arieh 1987 Influence of Environmental temperature on the enhancement and suppression of the immune response in carp (cyprinus carpio)# and its effects on the mechanism of infection in fish.
    Supervisor: Prof. R. Avtalion.
Silverberg Michal (Freud) 1992 Regulation of cetylcholine receptor levels on muscle cell differentiated in vitro.
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Shainberg.
Smetana Zahava (Migdalovitz) 1997 Photodynamic Inactivation f Herpes Viruses with Phthalocyanine Derivatives
    Supervisors: Prof. Z. Malik & Prof. S. Zalcberg.
Sonn Judith 1997 Effect of Spreading Depression on the Interrelation between Brain Energy Metabolism and Ion Homeostasis In-Vivo
    Supervisor: Prof. A. Mayevsky.
Theodor Livia 1995 Cloning, characterization and expression of the bovine, murine and human thymopoietin genes.
    With Highest Distinction.
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Shoham.
Yoles Ester 1990 Effect of various physiological and pathological conditions on brain functions in newborn dogs in vivo.
    With Highest Distinction.
    supervisor: Prof. A. Mayevsky.
    Supervisor: Prof. Y. Steinberger.
Ziv Israel (Silbercweig) 1990 Simultaneous regulation f multiple behaviors in the marine mollusc aplysia, with emphasis on feeding and reproduction.
    Supervisor:Dr. S. Susswein.
Zipris Danny 1988 Study of biochemical and immunological reactions in blood cells from muscular dystrophy patients and healthy subjects.
    Supervisor: Prof. N. Garber.