Prof. Shlomo Zalman Havlin


Contact Information

The Naftal-Yaffe Department of Talmud, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar Ilan University 52900 Ramatt-Gan ISRAEL




Hebron Rabbinical Academy, Jerusalem

Beit Midrash Gavoha Le`torah ‑ Ordination 1962

B.A.,  Hebrew University, 1972

Ph.D., Hebrew University, 1983


Work Experience:

Instructor in the following institutions

Boy`s Town, High School, Jerusalem

Schwadron Teachers Institute, Jerusalem

Merhavim Teachers` Colledge, Jerusalem

Liphshitz Teachers` Seminary, Jerusalem

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, The Institute for Jewish Law Studies

Bar‑Ilan University, Ramat‑Gan


Research Asistant

 Mosad HaRav Kook, Jerusalem

Schocken Institute for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem

Institute for Research in Jewish Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

"Bibliographical Guide" Project, Bar Ilan University, Ramat‑Gan

"Rashi Project", Bar‑Ilan University, Ramat‑Gan


Chairman, Department of Information Science and Librarianship, Bar‑Ilan University (1983 ‑ 1989)

Project Director, "Rashi Project", Institute for Study of Post‑Talmudic Halakha, Bar‑Ilan University (1985 ‑ 1991)

Assistant Professor, School of Library Sciences The Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Present Positions:

Assistant Professor, Department of Talmud, Bar‑Ilan University, Ramat‑ Gan

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Librarianship, Bar‑Ilan University

Editor, Alei Sefer, Journal for Bibliographical Studies and Booklore (1983 ‑ present)

Member of the Committee for Kahan‑Eber Grant, The Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel

Representative of the Assistant‑Professors in the Senate of Bar‑Ilan University (1993 ‑1994)

Member of the Board of "Ofeq Institute" for Research and Publication, Cleveland, Ohio

Head of "Talpiot" ‑ Institute for Jewish Liturgy, Jerusalem

Chairman of the Committee for the ‘Project Torah sh’bal Pe’, The Ministry of Education, Israel

Chairman of the Committee for Religious Research Institutes, The Ministry of  Religious, Israel (1999)

Chairman of the Profetional Committee for Torah sh’bal Pe,  The Ministry of Education, Israel


Research Interests

The Babylonian Talmud – terminology, textual tradition, redaction, canonization, authoritatiative, the commentaries of the Talmud

History of the Halakhah – The development of talmudic legal thought and legal principles

The Halakhic work of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, textual tradition, his legal thought and his legal principles

The Shulhan-Aruch of Rabbi Y. Karo and Rabbi M. Iserlish, textual tradition, theirs legal thought and theirs legal principles



List of Publications


1. The "Mashpi`a" - on the Jews in Hebron, on The Habad movment in Eretz‑Israel, Jerusalem 1982, Vol. 1, 370 pp. (including about 150 New Documents on the Issue).

2. Mishne‑Torah of the Rambam, -  A Facsimile of the Constantinople Edition 1509, Jerusalem 1973. "Makor" publication. With an Introduction: "To the History of the first Editions of the "Mishne‑Torah" of Rambam, pp. 9 ‑ 24.

3. Mishne‑Torah of the Rambam - A Facsimile of Ibn Sh`altiel edition of the Mishbe‑Torah of the Rambam, Spain before 1492, Jerusalem 1975. "Makor" publication. With an Introduction: The Mishne‑Torah of Ibn Sh`altiel and the History of the first Sfardi Editions of the Mishne‑Torah, pp. 1 ‑ 11 + 2 (supplement).

4. Teshuvot of the Rashba - A Facsimile of the Rome Edition of the Responsa of the Rashba, Printed in Rome [1969 ‑ 1972]. Jerusalem 1977. The Hebrew National and University Library Publication. With an Introduction: Toward the History of the Collections of the Rashba Responsa and the Rome Edition of Rashba Responsa, pp. 7 ‑ 44.

5. Seder HaKabalah  - History of the Oral Law and of Early Rabbinic Scholarship, by Rabbi Menahem Ha‑Meiri, Edited from MSS with Addenda, introductions, and indexes, explanatory notes and comments.  Jerusalem 1992. Ofeq Institute. 334 pp.

6. Torathan shel Geonim  - The Talmudic and Halachic Writings of the Babylonian Geonim, which were published in Periodicals, Jerusalem 1993. Wagshal Publication. 7 Volumes. Vol. 1: Introduction to the History of the Babylonian Geonim, Table of Dates, Indexes to the all Talmudic and Halachic literature of the Babylonian Geonim, bibliographies of the Texts and studies. 481 pp.

7. Beit Ha‑Behirah Tractate Avot, by Rabbi Menahem Ha‑Meiri - Edited from MSS, with Addenda, introductions, indexes, explanatory notes and comments. Jerusalem 1994. Ofeq Institute. 574 pp.


In press:

8. Gemara on Tractate Eduiot and A Commentary, by Rabbi Shlomoh Sirilio

10. 200 Years of Talmudic and Halachic Literature in Eretz‑Israel (1840 ‑ 1940)

11. 200 Years of Talmudic and Halachic Literature in Egypt (1840 ‑ 1940)



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