Gerald Stern - This Is It
Michael Collier - Grandmother with Mink Stole
Sherri Mandell - The Petting Zoo in Tekoa
E. Ethelbert Miller - Rosa Parks dreams
Ira Director - Is there a doctor here?
Miriam Green- Down the Rabbit Hole
Dan Gutstein - Jerusalem
Annael Jonas- Journey
Andrea Moriah - Heron
Joanna Chen - By the Time You Read This
Jillian Jones - A Great Miracle Happened Here
A Selection of Poems by Marcela Sulak

Joan Leegant – Seekers in the Holy Land
Jon Papernick – As Long as the Lamp is Burning
Yaeer Talkar – Searching for the Wasteland
Galina Vromen – In Search of a Good Woman
Karen Marron - Crepe Café de Paris
H. William Taeusch - The Security Line
Judy Labensohn – What to Do With the Past

Short Fiction
Deborah Danan - The Game
Yael Unterman - The Woman in the White Headscarf

Mark Mirsky - Israel

Janice Weizman interviews Marcela Sulak