By The Time You Read This

Joanna Chen

By the time you read this
it will be late
and I will be far away,
moving through corridors
that make up my life.
Or perhaps

you will be far away
and I will be here,
with my dog,
my cups of coffee,
my  fears.
Or maybe

You and I will both
be here,  with our
lives and our loves,
far away,  and
you will peer over my
shoulder as you pass.

Joanna Chen was born in the U.K. and is a first year student in the Shaindy Rudoff Creative Writing Program at Bar-Ilan University.  She works at Newsweek's Middle East Bureau, covering news from Israel.  Joanna has also published world reports on the subject of women's issues in Marie Claire and has contributed to the BBC World Service's Women's Hour, The Food Programme, World Have Your Say and Outlook

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