Last Update: March 2010

The Israeli Society for Aesthetics (ISA)




Welcome to the website of The Israeli Society for Aesthetics. Our goal is to advance academic work related to the philosophy of art and to aesthetic theory and criticism. The ISA addresses interested faculty members and students and organizes activities related to these fields of research. To further its goals the ISA will


1.       Meet annually at a conference to present the ongoing novel research of its members.


2.    Publish research in aesthetics in refereed journals.


3.      Provide an arena for the presentation of M.A. and Ph.D. theses in aesthetics, written at Israeli universities and colleges.


4.     Provide an arena for the discussion of books and academic articles in aesthetics, published by ISA members.



5.      Aim at the initiation of a journal dedicated for aesthetics and art criticism.


6.      Establish an online website that will provide information in the area.



7.      Advance inter-disciplinary academic discourse among Israeli aestheticians.


8.      Promote further international relationships between ISA members and aestheticians world-wide.


International links: The association is registered within the American Society for Aesthetics (ASA), as well as within the International Society for Aesthetics. The society intends to host in Israel one of the conferences of the International Society for Aesthetics within the next few years.


Members: Among the ISA members are senior Israeli aestheticians, academic aestheticians and research students. (see separate list.)


Board: The current members of the ISA management committee are:




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