Faculty of Humanities

Language Laboratory

Director: Daniel Wells

Tel:972-3-531-8240 Fax:972-3-534-7601

The Language Laboratory provides services to the various departments of the faculty:
Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Laboratory contains 35 booths, each containing a Pentium 4 computer linked to both Novell and Microsoft central file servers.
Each machine has a Windows 2000 operating system
an Office 2000 professional suite of programs
and of course Internet Explorer 6 for browsing the web.

A large number of programs for self help languague learning are
available on the network file servers.

Each booth has a specialized tape recorder linked to the computer enabling
a student to listen to a text and at the same time record himself.

The Teacher's console enables the teacher to directly view and if necessary
take control of a student's screen or tape recorder.

The Teacher is also able to broadcast a video to each student screen

A teacher holding a lesson has first priority in the laboratory
and has a right to exclude any or all students who are not members of the class.

Students who have to do serious work are allowed to request other students who are
not actively involved in University work (email and games) to surrender their places
if no other booth is available.

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