Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Balak

"There is a people that dwells apart, not reckoned among the nations" - Taking World Opinion Into Account Elishai Ben-Yitzhak 2014 593.9
"Moses Wrote the Five Books of the Torah then Went Back and Wrote the Story of Balak and Balaam" Shimon Eliezer Ha-levi 2013 41.9
Taking after Balaam: Rav Kook on Schopenhauer's Pessimism Yoel Shiloh 2012 42.4
Zimri Dr. Yair Barkai 2011 37.3
The Sin of Baal-peor in the Writings of Josephus Dr. Michael Avioz 2010 42.2
Balak, Balaam, and the G-d of Israel Menahem Ben-Yashar 2009 49.6
The Power of Propaganda Yonah Bar-Maoz 2008 66.6
Balaam's Ass Prof. Amos Frisch 2007 44.4
What Balaam Learned from his Ass Prof. David Henschke 2006 30.6
From Pagan Magician to Prophet Dr. Raphael Yarhi 2005 44.9
Magic and Miracles, Asses and Angels Dr. Alexander Klein 2003 10.3
"A Houseful of Money" Prof. Yaakov Spiegel 2002 12.2
On Entering the Synagogue with a Knife or Weapon Prof. Yaakov Spiegel 2001 19.5
Balaam's Oracles and the Shema Prof. Yosef Tabory 2000 16.6
Balaam's Oracle and Semitic Languages Dr. Zvi Betzer 2000 10.6
Did Balaam's Ass Speak to Him? Prof. Yitzhak Levine 1999 10.6
Balaam and His Ass: The Significance of the Story Jonathan Jacobs 1998 9.4
"The Remnant of Jacob Amidst the Nations" (Micah 5:6-6:9) Prof. Samuel Vargon 1997 7.5

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