Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat BeChukothai

Special Cantillation Customs for the Tokhehah Hayyim Talbi 2015 609.2
"Your enemies who settle in it shall be appalled" Yonah Bar Maoz 2014 593.9
Why do we add one-fifth? Rabbi Dr. Yizhak Dov Paris z"l 2011 40.4
Turning Curses Into Blessings Rabbi Dr. Haim Talbi 2008 48.4
"Respite from Vicious Beasts" Dr. Itamar Wahrhaftig 2007 37.8
Sanctifying the Name of G-d Prof. Yaakov Spiegel 2005 42.4
Land and Person, Land as Personality Rabbi Yaakov Ariel 2003 18.1
Renewal in the Sabbath Year Dr. Yaakov Charlap 2002 23.5
In Conclusion: Notes on the Concept of Holiness (Kadosh, Kedusha) Dov Landau 2000 14.7
"Getting into the Groove" Dr. Moshe Sokolow 1998 10.1
I Will Remember My Covenant With Jacob Dr. Zvi Betzer 1997 8.4
The Expulsion of the Yemenite Jews to "Moza" Dr. Aharon Gimani 1997 9.6

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The Office of the Campus Rabbi

Unit of Basic Jewish Studies

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