Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat BeHa'halothekha

On the Connection Between the Menorah and the Land of Israel Dov Levitan 2013 40.9
"Miriam and Aaron Spoke against Moses" Bruriah Aran 2012 44.0
Transporting the Ark in the Wilderness Dr. Ephraim Yizhaki 2011 39.4
Are Eldad and Medad among the Prophets? Atty. Pinehas Haliwa 2010 53.6
Tikkune Soferim -- "Scribal Emendations" Prof. Moshe Tzipor 2009 53.4
Coming Out of Your Nose Prof. Maya Fruchtman 2008 34.3
Lots of Luck Prof. Ely Merzbach 2007 30.1
Face to Face Dr. Shimon Eliezer Ha-levi (Schubert) Spero 2006 14.7
Miriam, Aaron, and Moses Prof. Joseph Fleishman 2005 41.2
On Leadership in Israel Rabbi Dr. Pinhas Hyman 2004 41.1
Moses and Hobab: The Art of Convincing Prof. Amos Frisch 2003 15.4
Priests, Levites, and Chieftains Rabbi Dr. Hayyim Borgansky 2002 15.1
Trumpets and Remembrance Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2001 14.1
How Moses Prevailed upon Jethro Dr. Itamar Wahrhaftig 2000 9.2
"Now Moses Was a Very Humble Man" Prof. Dov Rappel 1999 8.3
Did Moses Indeed Leave His Wife? Dr. David Henschke 1998 10.3
Moses: The Faithful Sheperd Yona Bar-Maoz 1997 16.7
"And You Can Be Our Guide" Avraham Gottlieb 1997 5.0
Eldad and Medad: Prophets and Leaders Hillel Neumann 1997 10.8

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