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Daf Parashat Hashavua

(Study Sheet on the Weekly Torah Portion)

Basic Jewish Studies Unit

Greetings from the President of the University

Inaugurating the Tenth Year of Bar-Ilan University's Parashat Hashavua Study Center

For Parashat Bereishit 5762

    I wish to take the opportunity to thank everyone whose dedicated efforts have made this "Daf Parashat Hashavua" an international success: the Faculty of Jewish Studies, the Campus Rabbi, the International Center for Jewish Identity, the Center for IT & IS (which maintains the "Daf" web site and circulates it by email); and especially to Mrs. Rachel Hacohen (editor of the lecture series), Dr. Zemach Kaisar (language editor), Dr. Yitzhak Gottlieb (editor of the English editions), Mrs. Rachel Rowen (translator), and Dr. Shlomo Sela and Mr. Baruch David Kaufman of the Center for IT & IS.
    In particular, I thank all members of the Bar-Ilan University faculty who have contributed their knowledge and expertise to this unique Torah study series. They have given eloquent expression to the unique synthesis of Torah study and scientific research for which Bar-Ilan stands.


    The second volume of A Divinely Given Torah, the book of collected essays from this Parashat Hashavua series, is to be published this fall, sponsored by the President's Fund for Torah and Science. I thank Prof. Aryeh Frimer and Rabbi Shlomo Pick for their excellent work in editing the new volume.

Shanah Tovah to all.

Prof. Moshe Kaveh