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Daf Parashat Hashavua

(Study Sheet on the Weekly Torah Portion)

Basic Jewish Studies Unit

To Internet users everywhere,

For the past four years, the Basic Jewish Studies Unit at Bar-Ilan University has been publishing a weekly pamphlet (Daf Shvui) of articles in Jewish studies centered around the weekly Torah reading (Parashat Shavua). Often the Daf also presents articles in general scientific fields and their relationship to Torah and Halacha.

Publication of the Daf Shvui is a significant contribution to the stated goal of the university: the blending of Torah and Science. This Torah - Science project was the initiative of Prof. Daniel Sperber during his term as head of the Basic Jewish Studies Unit, in cooperation with the Faculty of Jewish Studies, and received additional impetus during the terms of all those who succeeded him in that office. Special thanks are due to Dr. Admiel Kosman, the editor of the Daf for the past two years. Of late there has been an increasing demand for the Daf Shvui on the part of students and faculty members who have helped to increase its circulation around the campus and in synagogues around Israel. The Daf now has a circulation of around 7,000 copies each week. The office of the Rabbi of the campus and the Basic Jewish Studies Unit also send the Daf to a growing number of synagogues in various parts of Israel. We are hard pressed to fulfill all the many, new requests for the Daf which we receive constantly.

The project enjoys the active support of the president of the university, Prof. Moshe Kaveh, who assists in the publication of the Daf through the "President's Fund for Torah and Science" which he administers. We also receive assistance from the rector of the university, Prof. Yehudah Friedlender. The editorial board of the Daf Shvui is supervised by an academic committee which decides which articles are worthy of publication in the Daf. It is noteworthy that the Daf is catalogued in the National Library in Jerusalem and in the Central Library of Bar-Ilan University. At the university library it is kept among other periodicals as didactic aids for lecturers and students. Present plans include publication, in the near future, of a volume which will contain a selection of articles which were published in the Daf Shvui.

In the past year the articles in the Daf Shvui have also appeared regularly, each week, on the Internet screens in Hebrew. This is due to the welcome initiative of Dr. Drora Cohen of the Center for IT & IS at Bar-Ilan University, and her assistants. In response to the many requests for translation of the articles into English, and with the encouragement of the president, Prof. Moshe Kaveh and his assistant Mr. Ze'ev Schwartz, we now offer the articles in English translation to Internet users the world over. It is our hope that this project will initiate a fruitful, serious and interesting examination of the Jewish sources which will be offered to educated readers all over the world, using the tools of modern research, in the manner of "old wine in a new vessel". The editorial board will be happy to receive reactions, comments and corrections to the material we publish through our Internet site. They may be forwarded to us through the following E-MAIL address:

schwarz @