Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the Faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat BeShalach

"A time for war and a time for peace" Amitzur Barak 2014 44.5
A Fixed Rule In The Wake Of Sweetened Water Itamar Wahrhaftig 2013 38.9
"O my dove, in the cranny of the rocks": Israel at the Red Sea and the Song of Songs Dr. Tamar Kedari 2012 38.9
Quail Meat to Eat in the Evening Zechariah Dori 2011 41.2
"You hold your peace!" Dr. Yair Barkai 2010 44.4
Music and The Song at the Sea Dr. Rachel Kolander 2009 47.2
Two Remarks on the Haftarah of Be-Shalah Prof. (Emeritus) Moshe Zipor 2008 53.9
The Wars of the Gods Prof. (Emeritus) Haim Genizi 2007 24.1
"They had faith in the Lord and His servant Moses" Prof. Nathan Aviezer 2006 23.2
Calculating the Seasons and Tu B-Shvat Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2005 52.2
"And Miriam chanted for them" - Kol Isha? Dr. Admiel Kosman 2004 50.6
Human Initiative or Divine Intervention? Professor Dov Schwartz 2003 7.2
Setting the Date of the New Year for Trees Prof. Yair Goldreich 2002 15.6
Miriam's Song Prof. Tovah Cohen 2001 14.1
"You shall carry up my bones from here" (Ex.13:19) Dr. Aaron Arend 2000 14.3
Miriam the Prophetess Dr. Gabriel Hayyim Cohn 1999 10.8
They said to one another,
'What is it?' ... 'That is the bread'
Dr. Aharon Gimani 1998 8.9
Who is like You among the silent ones, Oh, Lord. Dr. Penina Meizlish 1997 6.9
Tu Bishvat in Contemporary Rabbinical Literature Aharon Arend 1997 16.6

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