Parashat Chaye Sarah

“These are the names of the sons of Ishmael” Dr. David Al-Gavish 2015 593.4k
The Vows of Abraham's Servant and of Jephthah: A Comparative View Meir Gruzman 2014 590.3k
Marrying a Canaanite Woman By Yonatan Kapah 2013 41.9k
"You will not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites" Natan Aviezer 2012 43.5k
How to Read the Story of Sara's Burial? Rabbi Yuval Sherlo 2011 26.9k
Isaac's Inner Life Dr. Yair Barkai 2010 39.9k
On Marriage Contracts Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2009 62.8k
Hayyei Sarah - Sarah in Life Menahem Bronfman 2008 33.5k
Abraham and Sarah Dr. Ruth Wolf 2007 28.6k
The Exegetical Approach of Meshekh Hokhmah Rabbi Tzvi Tal 2006 28.7k
Eliezer - Servant or Man? Dr. Itamar Warhaftig 2005 32.7k
On Three Things Dr. Devorah Ushpizai 2004 26.4k
Who was Ketura? Rabbi Yehuda Shaviv 2003 10.4k
A Parting Kiss Dr. Admiel Kosman 2002 24.9k
Charity Begins at Home Prof. Yaakov Spiegel 2001 6.4k
Inflation and the Price of the Cave of Machpelah Prof. Daniel Sperber 2001 6.1k
Gender and Inheritance Prof. Ora (Rodrigues) Schwarzwald 2000 11.1k
The Sign of Abraham's Servant Eliezer:
Divination or a Test of Character?
Dr. Alexander Klein 1999 10.6k
Eliezer's Prayer by the Well, as Viewed by the Sages Amos Hakham 1998 10.2k
Abraham's Dealings with the Sons of Heth Prof. Ze'ev Safrai 1997 9.1k
On life and Death Prof. Dov Schwartz 1996 8.9k
Marital Customs as Reflected in the Account of the Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah Dr. David Elgavish 1996 9.8k

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