Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Ki Thavo

The Covenant on the Plains of Moab Haggai Ben-Arzi 2015 594.9
To Know or Not to Know Yonah Bar-Maoz 2014 594.9
"Because you would not serve the Lord your G-d in joy" Boaz Spiegel 2013 56.8
"Look down from Your holy abode, from heaven" Yair Barkai 2012 48.1
Not Returning to Egypt: Promise or Prohibition? Dr. Mordechai Sabato 2011 50.1
"Serve the Lord your G-d in joy and gladness" Dr. Yael Tzohar 2010 26.1
"Silence! Hear, O Israel!" Dr. Meir Gruzman 2009 39.1
What Can We Learn From Bikkurim? Shifra Cohen 2008 42.9
Values in the Commandment of First Fruits Shifra Cohen 2007 48.5
Isaiah on the Land and the People Yonah Bar-Maoz 2006 48.5
"You Shall Then Recite As Follows" Menahem Ben Yashar 2005 45.6
Traditions of Torah Reading for the Tokhahah Passages Rabbi Dr. Hayyim Talbi 2004 37.8
On Proselytes Arnon Kimelman 2003 14.7
Is the Concept of a Chosen People Racist? Dr. Hava Eshkoli 2002 18.6
Faith in the Words of the Sages Rabbi Aharon Katz 2001 11.3
Hasket u-Shema Yisrael – Silence! Hear, O Israel Dr. Abraham Gottlieb 2000 11.4
The Covenant at Shechem Menahem Ben-Yashar 1999 13.1
The Meta-temporal Significance of the Torah Reading Dr. Jeffrey Wolff 1998 7.9
The Significance of the First Fruits Recitation Dr. Leb Moskovitz 1997 6.9

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