Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Ki Tissa

On Studying and Forgetting in the Teaching of Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein Natalie Mandelbaum 2014 587.2
"Knowing the Lord and Human Capabilities" Pinchas Haliwa 2013 43.5
Moses vs. Elijah Defense and Prosecution Dr. Yael Shemesh 2012 35.3
Tablets of the Covenant in Synagogues in Southern Germany Professor Meir Schwartz 2011 34.8
"Joshua would not stir out of the Tent" Adi Blecher 2010 45.9
Why did Moses Break the Tablets? Menahem Ben-Yashar 2009 61.4
The Structure of Parashat Ki Tisa Yosef Priel 2008 55.4
Sanctity of Objects and Persons Dr. Amos Barde'a 2007 34.9
How Many Tents? Dr. Meir Gruzman 2006 34.4
Face to Face Rabbi Ophir Cohen 2005 33.2
"Face to Face, Heart to Heart" Dr. Yair Barkai 2004 30.3
"You Cannot See My Face" Dr. Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg 2004 21.1
A hin of Olive Oil Prof. Cyril Domb 2003 16.1
Between the First Tablets and The Second Prof. Simhah Feldblum 2002 14.4
Moses and Elijah Amos Hakham 2001 23.8
The Trial of Those Who Worshipped the Golden Calf Rabbi Dr. Ratzon Arussi 2000 12.7
The Golden Calf through the Eyes of The Kuzari Prof. Yohanan Silman 1999 11.6
What was Written on the Two Tablets? Dr. Meshulam Margaliot 1998 7.6
"To Observe the Sabbath" Professor Moshe Hallamish 1997 17.5
And Moses Did not Know that the Skin of his Face was Beaming Dr. Ya'akov Gaartner 1997 12.1

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