Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Korach

The Israelites' Role in Korah's Rebellion: Analysis of the Commentaries of Nahmanides and Rabbenu Hananel Yosef Ofer 2014 590.3
"I have not taken the donkey of any one of them": On Accountability in Public Affairs Elishai Ben-Yitzhak 2013 50.6
"And Korach took" Menachem Ben-Yashar 2012 54.2
Rich as Korah Daniel Samueli 2011 43.5
Leprosy and the Priesthood - a Recovered Derasha? Rabbi Dr. Yirmiyahu Malhi 2010 65.2
Korah's Company Rabbi S. Zvi Tal 2009 48.8
Justice and Punishment Dr. Meir Seidler 2008 46.1
"And Korah Took" Dr. Amos Barde'a 2007 33.7
Korah and Modern Values Dr. Ronen Ahituv 2006 33.1
Salt as a Metaphor Dr. Yair Barkai 2005 31.4
"The man whom the Lord chooses" Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2004 30.7
"Come morning" Dr. Boaz Speigel 2003 8.4
A Portion in the Lord, a Portion in the Land Rabbi Yisrael Samet 2002 15.1
On Controversy Hanna Kasher 2001 13.9
PARASHAT Korach Gary A. Rendsburg 2000 12.9
The Basis of the King's Authority in Israel Rabbi Yaakov Ariel 1999 8.9
What the Ladino-Speaking Jews Had to Say about Korach Dr. Samuel Raphael 1998 9.2
Moses, Korach, and his Cohorts Dr. Amos Frisch 1997 16.9
The Earth's Mouth Professor Yaakov Spiegel 1997 8.5

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