Parashat Lekh Lekha

Abrahamís Battle against the Four Kings: The Most Surprising Story in Genesis Raphael Shohat 2015 591.3
Sanctity of Place and Religious Charism in the Teachings of Rabbi Soloveitchik Yosef (Jeffrey) Woolf 2014 593.4
"Until Abraham came and received the reward of all" Shimon Eliezer (Shubert) Spero 2013 42.5
"His kinsman had been taken captive": Rescuing Captives Yehudah Zoldan 2012 40.9
Lot, a Material Man Dr. Tzvi Shimon 2011 39.4
Misreading Genesis Yonah Bar-Maoz 2010 43.1
The Covenant of the Pieces and its Ramifications Menahem Ben-Yashar 2009 52.2
"Go forth" - Whence and whither Yeruham Shimshovitz 2008 39.8
Land, Destiny, and Chosenness Dr. Yirmiyahu Malhi 2007 42.4
The Limits of Self-Sacrifice Devorah Ganz 2006 30.6
"To Do or Not To Do" Dr. Gaby Barzilai 2005 33.1
"Say You Are My Sister" Dr. Gabriel H. Kohn 2004 24.6
On Sarah's Say-So Dr. Yair Barkai 2003 8.2
"O that Ishmael might live by Your favor!" Dr. Yair Barkai 2002 14.2
From Soup to Nuts, From a Thread to a Sandal Strap Prof. Yaakov Spiegel 2001 24.5
Abraham and Lot Menaham Ben-Yashar 2000 13.9
"Formerly" and "at first" in Abram's journeys Prof. Jacob Eliahu Efrati 1999 9.1
Abraham's Tribulations Dr. Ephraim Yitzhaki 1998 7.5
Laughter and Faith Prof. Eleazar Touitou 1997 10.4
"And to him that ordereth his way aright, will I show the salvation of G-d" Dr. Abraham Elkayam 1997 17.4
The Explicit and Implicit Reasons behind Abraham's Decision to Part Company with Lot
Prof. Eleazar Touito 1996 20.9
"He believed in God" : The Various Connotations of Religious Faith and Their Articulation in the Character of Abraham
Prof. Hannah Kasher 1996 26.1k
"Lekh-Lekha", "Go forth from your land": An educational message for all Jews and for all time
Prof. Moshe Kaveh 1996 17.9k

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