Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Mattoth

Vows: For Worshipping the Lord or Hurting One’s Fellow? From Scriptures to Mishnah Rivka Raviv 2015 606.7
Was the Request of the Gadites and Reubenites a Worthy One? Shmuel Ingber 2014 591.3
The Punishment for Manslaughter Natan Aviezer 2013 37.3
Balaam's Death Meir Bar-Ilan 2012 1731.0
"Since he is your lord, bow to him"? Yonah Bar-Maoz 2011 44.0
Why were fathers permitted to annul their daughters' vows Prof. Yosef Fleischman 2010 38.3
Matot and Desire Rabbi Shlomo Ze'ev Pik 2008 51.7
On Walls and Names Dr. Yisrael Rosenson 2006 38.3
"Before the Lord" Dr. Ophir Cohen 2005 28.2
Women's Vows Gaby Barzilai 2004 24.1
"In His Name, After His Name" Prof. Yaakov Spiegel 2003 17.4
Gad, Reuben, and the Half-tribe of Manasseh Menashe Elyashiv 2001 11.2
Three Who Are Partners in Man Dr. Hayyim Borgansky 2000 17.4
The Reason for Cities of Refuge Menahem Ben-Yashar 1998 10.3
"Some Names Being Changed"--
Musabot Shem (Num. 32:38)
Dr. Zvi Betzer 1997 8.4

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