Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Pekudey

Chaos and the Book of Exodus Eli Merzbach 2014 592.9
The Weight of the Ark Cover Uri Cohen 2011 4234.2
Beqa as the term for the sine function Yaakov Lewinger 2008 36.1
Accounting for Charitable Donations Rabbi Dr. Neriah Gutel 2007 42.3
Parashat Shekalim: When I make an Accounting Dr. Gabriel H. Cohn 2005 31.7
Of Time and Place Menachem Ben-Yashar 2004 44.1
From Mountain to Mishkan Menachem Ben-Yashar 2003 15.2
The Clouds of Glory and the Tabernacle Dr. Aviezer Yisraeli 2001 7.2
The Glory of the Lord Prof. Avigdor Hurovitz 2001 15.1
Completion of the Sanctuary and Tikkun Olam Rabbi Jacob Charlop 2000 6.9
"And Moses Blessed Them" - The Holy Presence in the Tabernacle and Among the People Dr. Meir Gruzman 1998 8.9

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