Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Re'eh

Human Nature and the Ways of the Torah—Put Some Meat on the Platter Ari Zvi Zivotofsky 2015 595.4
Types of False Prophets Yohanan Kapach 2014 590.3
Manna and Tithes: Bread from Heaven vs. Bread from Earth Raphael Shochat 2013 39.9
The Status of Hebrew Slaves Doron Danino 2012 44.5
On Religious Mediocrity Dr. Dror Ehrlich 2011 43.0
Must we take interest from Gentiles? Dr. Shalem Yahalom 2010 50.3
Pig in a Poke Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2009 67.1
The Hebrew Slave in the Light of Peshat Dr. Luba Harlap 2008 36.3
On Punishing Inanimate Objects Nathanel Dagan 2007 52.5
Hatov Vehayashar : On Religion and Morality Meir Roth 2006 29.7
Homo Carnivore Mordechai Goldstein 2005 42.6
Two Tithes, Two Aspects Rabbi Dr. Hayyim Burgansky 2004 36.7
"Mikketz"-Beginning or End? Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2003 12.9
Forbidden Foods Yaron Seri 2002 16.2
On the Commandment of Tzedakah Michael Hellinger 2001 12.3
"The site that the Lord your G-d will choose" Prof. Shaul Regev 2000 12.1
The Dukhifat or Hoopoe Yaron Seri 1999 9.2
"The site that the Lord your G-d will choose" Menahem Ben Yashar 1998 8.8
The Punishment of the Subversive City Dr. Israel Zvi Gilat 1997 14.2

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