Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Shoftim

“Nahal Eitan—a Dry Riverbed or Flowing River?” Yehuda Altschuler 2015 597.4
Vocational Psychology in Ancient Times Shmuel Blau 2014 599.0
Calling for Surrender Prior to Battle and Declaring War David Elgavish 2013 45.5
On the term Tamim in the Torah Pinchas Haliwa 2012 48.6
On the Rite of Breaking a Heifer's Neck Menahem Ben-Yashar 2011 50.1
The Laws of Evidence and the Agunah Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2010 48.7
Due Justice and True Justice Dr. Amihai Radziner 2009 50.1
Did Solomon Break the Law of Kings Dr. Michael Avioz 2008 26.4
Law and Sovereignty Dr. Amos Barde'a 2007 42.1
Wholehearted Devotion vs. Astrology Dr. Yair Barkai 2006 28.2
Military Exemptions in Torah Law Prof. Jacob Klein 2005 69.6
"You Must Not Deviate" Prof. Hannah Kasher 2004 32.3
An Aesthetic Experience or Idolatry? Prof. Dov Schwartz 2003 8.5
Exemption from Military Service Dr. David Elgavish 2002 16.4
On Prophecy Amos Hakham 2001 13.7
Magistrates (and Not Only Police) in All Your Settlements Dr. Pinehas Heyman 2000 22.1
An Aesthetic Experience vs. Idolatry Prof. Dov Schwarz 1999 9.6
What was meant by the term shoter (pl. shoterim; rendered in the New JPS translation as "officials"), in ancient Israel? Prof. Pinhas Artzi 1998 8.1
The Role of the King Dr. Ittamar Warhaftig 1997 9.8

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