Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Teruma

The Relationship between the Temple and Sacrifice Michael Avraham 2015 583.0
The Holy One, blessed be He�"The Place of His World" or a Transcendent G-d<$ Binyamin Salant 2014 42.0
An Altar of Earth, an Altar of Stone, and an Altar of Bronze Menahem Ben-Yashar 2013 49.6
Giving and Compassion Dr. Ruth Wolf 2012 37.8
The Significance of the Screen according to Josephus Dr. Avraham-Ofir Shemesh 2011 37.3
The Synagogue in Franco-Germany Dr. Geoffrey Wolf 2010 50.6
From Crisis to Tabernacle Rabbi Oren Duvdevani 2009 58.4
The Molding and Crown on the Holy Ark Dr. Ilya Rodov 2008 50.1
How Much is a Cubic Cubit? Prof. Abraham Yehudah Greenfield
Prof. Nathan Aviezer
2007 26.4
The Blueprint for the Tabernacle Dr. Shulamit Laderman 2006 41.2
The Tabernacle, A Middle World Tzvi Ben-Dov 2005 39
The Mishkan, a Jewish Parallel from Ancient Egypt Dr. Stephen G. Rosenberg 2004 21.5
The Chosen People Under all Circumstances? Rabbi Shlomo Aviner 2003 20.1
The Construction of the Mishkan Prof. Moshe Sokolow 2002 10.4
An Altar of Earth or Golden Cherubs? Dr. Hayyim Borgansky 2001 20.4
"G-d Requires the Heart": On Contributions from the Heart Boaz Spiegel 2000 12.2
The Ark Dr. Devorah Ushpizai 1999 8.8
A Candelabrum of Pure Gold Rabbi Shimon Golan 1998 7.7
The Ark Bears its Bearers Dvorah Ushpizai 1997 7.3
The Vessels of The Tabernacle in Jewish Art Dr. Bracha Yaniv 1997 8.2

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