Parashat Toledoth

“Blessed is He who has now freed me from the responsibility of this boy” Itamar Dagan 2015 598.0k
"Bread and lentil stew"—Le-Hayyim or Payment? Ron S. Kleinman 2014 595.4k
Esav and Haman—Two who Spurned Amitzur Barak 2013 43.0k
The Literary Framework of the Story of Stealing the Blessings Yael Tzohar 2012 42.4k
How old was Rebekah when she married Isaac? Pinehas Halivah 2011 40.4k
JRebekah and Role Reversal Dr. Yael Shemesh 2010 39.4k
Jacob and Esau, Rachel and Leah Dr. Zvi Shimon 2009 51.5k
Esau in Josephus Dr. Michael Avioz 2008 45.3k
The Power of Prayer Dr. Yair Barkai 2007 33.5k
Criticism of the Patriarchs Dr. Gilead Sasson 2006 32.9k
Infertility as Grounds for Divorce Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2005 55.8k
Philistines and Patriarchs Dr. Michael Avioz 2004 21.4k
Is not Esau a brother to Jacob? Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2003 13.4k
Israel as the Chosen - After the Fact? Rabbi Yuval Sherlo 2002 14.2k
Cantillation Signs: Sounds and Significance Dr. Zvi Betzer 2001 8.8k
The Magic of Blessings Dr. David Henshke 2001 6.8k
"If So, Why Do I Exist?" (Gen. 25:22) Yael Zohar 2000 12.4k
"The Older Shall Serve the Younger" Yonah Bar-Maoz 1999 15.5k
Isaac in Genesis Chapter 26 Dr. Meshulam Margaliyot 1998 16.2k
The Birth of Jacob and Esau Yael Shemesh-Gilboa 1997 10.9k
The "Infinite" Value of the Total of the Angles of the Square Ezra Shvat 1996 8.9k
I Have Loved You (Malachi 1,2) - The Haftarah of Parashat Toldot Michael Avioz 1996 8.9k

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