Parashat VaYeshev

Abarbanel on Joseph’s Success Story Shalom Colin 2015 575.1k
The Torah Laughs at Men Mordechai Sabato 2014 597.5k
Joseph in the Pit and Hanukkah Adrian Ziderman 2013 34.8k
Knowing and Speaking Amitzur Barak 2012 44.0k
Two Dreams and Two Solutions Jonathan Grossman 2011 42.5k
The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara Dr. Dov Levitan 2010 37.8k
"I Seek My Brothers" Prof. Shaul Regev 2009 69.8k
Jacob's Daughters Dr. Alexander Klein 2008 69.8k
Family Dynamics Dr. Tamar Kadari 2007 29.6k
A Study in Midrash Dr. Tamar Kadari 2006 40.1k
The Joseph Narrative - A New Theory Prof. Eleazar Touitou 2005 39.4k
"To Restore Him to His Father" Yossi Ziv 2004 37.8k
Jacob and Sons Prof. Nathan Aviezer 2003 9.7k
Pharaoh-Happy Birthday Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg 2002 7.8k
Tamar Yael Tzohar 2001 25.4k
Who is Afraid of Religious Feminism? Dr. Amnon Shapira 2000 25.4k
Who Sold Joseph? Dr. David Henschke 1999 5.5k
The Truth Will Tell Dr. Abraham Elkayam 1998 11.5k
Joseph the Saint Yael Tzohar 1997 7.4k
Joseph's Story: A Divine Plan and a Human Drama Yael Shemesh 1996 15.9k
The Dreams in Joseph's Story Dr. Masha Turner 1996 16.8k

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