Parashat VaYetze

Radakís Unusual Interpretation of Jacobís Vow Eliezer Daniel Jesselson 2015 598.5k
"I shall return safe" Pnina Neuwirth 2014 591.3k
Jacob's Ladder: Beth-El, Not Bab-El Tzvi Shimon 2013 44.5k
Jacob's Wages: The Speckled and Spotted (Gen. 30:32) Meir Bar-Ilan 2012 45.0k
Finding the Site of Jacob's Dream Haggi Ben-Artzi 2011 37.3k
Jacobís Dream Mordechai Amit 2010 35.8k
"He named that site Bethel" Dr. Haggi Ben-Artzi 2009 50.1k
Jacob's Treaty with Laban Dr. David Elgavish 2008 55.3k
Making The Crooked Straight Dr. Amos Bar-da 2007 33.1k
Laban and Jacob - On Employee-Employer Relations Rabbi Yehudah Zoldan 2006 35.6k
Rachel and Leah -Wife and Mother Dr. Gabriel H. Cohn 2005 32.3k
The G-d of Jacob Dr. Raphael Yarhi 2004 38.3k
The Power of Prayer Rabbi Ophir Cohen 2003 11.3k
The Samaritans - Their Origins, Heritage and Holy Days Dr. Yaakov Geller 2002 22.6k
Do the Dead Tell no Tales? Prof. Daniel Sperber 2001 9.7k
"He stopped there for the night, for the sun had set" Rabbi Mordechai Breuer 2000 9.9k
Who's Afraid of Laban the Aramean? Prof. Yehudah Friedlander 199910.7k
The Lord shall be my G-d Menahem Ben-Yashar 1998 8.5k
The Meaning of Jacob's Dream Rabbai Jacob Charlap 1997 15.7k
The Vision of the Ladder Dr. Shaul Regev 1996 18.1k
Yegar Shahaduta (Genesis xxxi: 47) Prof. Michael Sokoloff 1996 5.4k

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