Parashat VaYigash

The Beginnings of Anti-Semitism Yair Barkai 2015 592.8k
Reading Vayigash in the Light of Levinas Hanokh Ben-Pazi 2014 596.9k
Who Sold Joseph? Menahem Ben-Yashar 2013 45.0k
The Joseph Narrative as a Model for Future Generations Gavriel Haim Cohen 2012 41.9k
Jacob's Descent to Egypt Shaul Regev 2011 37.8k
Why were three different dates set to commemorate the Holocaust? Dr. Dov Levitan 2010 40.4k
"I am Joseph. Is my father still well?" Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2009 38.6k
The Scroll of the Destruction of Romanian Jewry Dr. Yaakov Geller 2009 46.1k
Which Brothers did Joseph Present to Pharaoh? Dr. Gilad Sasson 2007 35.1k
Why the Tenth of Tevet? Dr. Jeffrey Woolf 2006 44.9k
Judah - Portrait of a Leader Esther Feldmar 2005 31.1k
The Greek Bible - Light or Darkness? Dr. Aryeh Reich 2004 25.3k
"To Point the Way" Dr. Abraham Gottlieb 2003 11.2k
The Ways of G-d and Man Amos Hakham 2002 12.8k
The Fear of Yeridah Rabbi Yitzhak Cohen 2001 6.6k
"Your Ancestors Went Down to Egypt Seventy Persons in All" (2) Rivka Raviv 2000 18.9k
"Your Ancestors Went Down to Egypt Seventy Persons in Al" (1) Prof. Moshe Zippor 1999 14.5k
Views of Early Commentators on the Nature of Biblical Hebrew Dr. Luba Harlap 1998 8.6k
Presentation of Joseph's Brothers to Pharaoh Dr. Shimon Kuper 1997 6.7k
Choosing a Leader of Israel Professor Jacob Klein 1996 14.7k
Did the Patriarchs Speak Hebrew? Prof. Gad Sarfatti 1996 12.1k

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