Parashat Vayishlach

Civilian Casualties in Military Operations Elishai Ben-Yitzhak 2014 599.0k
Whoever says so-and-so sinned is simply mistaken Yonah Bar-Maoz 2013 42.5k
"A man wrestled with him" Devorah Ushpizai 2012 39.4k
Jacob's Sons and Shechem's Dastardly Deed Meir Gruzman 2011 40.4k
What's in a Name? Dr. Raphael Jospe 2010 40.4k
Edom (Esau) and Israel in the Prophets Dr. Amihai Nahshon 2009 48.9k
Three Questions, Three Answers Prof. Cyril Domb 2008 36.2k
Mohar, Matan, and the Ketubbah Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2007 53.5k
The Story of Reuben Rabbi Dr. Raphael Benjamin Posen 2006 46.1k
Dinah in Shechem or, the Trials of Assimilatio Menaham Ben-Yashar 2005 47.7k
"Jacob Kept Silent" Prof. Moshe Tzippor 2004 24.0k
"And a Man Wrestled with Him" Prof. Shaul Regev 2003 10.1k
Why Did Esau Go Off to Edom? Rabbi Dr. Isaac Dov Paris 2002 8.4k
Jacob and Esau: A Parting of Ways Menachem Ben-Yashar 2001 9.1k
Esau-Edom: Profile of a People Dr. Tzvi Weinberg 2000 11.1k
Providence and Human Discretion Prof. Daniel Statman 1999 5.8k
"The parcel of land ... he purchased for a hundred kesitahs" Dr. Zohar Amar 1999 5.5k
The Rape of Dinah: The Torah's View on Spilling Innocent Blood Shammai Leibowitz 1998 10.2k
Jacob's Encounter with Esau: A Lesson in Diplomatic Etiquette - Dr. David Algavish 1997 10.4k
Rachel's Tombstone: The Reasons for Erecting a Tombstone Prof. Ya'akov S. Spiegel 1996 17.4k

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