The Milton and Lois Shiffman NIH-CAIR Institute
Bar Ilan University Research Program
Tel: (03) 531-8250
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan 52900 Fax:(03) 635-6041

The Milton and Lois Shiffman NIH-CAIR Institute/Bar Ilan University Research Program was established to promote collaborative research between scientists in Bar Ilan University and various research institutes in the U.S.A., particularly with researchers at the N.I.H. It offers research grants for short term projects, scientific exchanges, and other special projects which promote cooperation between the two countries. The Shiffman Program also sponsors international and national conferences and symposia.

For the past years The C.A.I.R. Institute, with the help of the Shiffman Program, has endeavored to bring together researchers from leading scientific centers around the world to discuss their work and embark on new paths of scientific research. Apart from the organization, coordination and initiative such an undertaking requires, much effort is devoted to raising the funds necessary for supporting new research projects.

Scientific work is conducted in the laboratory and its fruits first appear in the form of published articles in scientific journals and books; with time these may lead to the development of new drugs or therapies and thus promote medical and technological progress. Yet scientific work requires more than that. It is only with the necessary financial backing that the slow and painstaking laboratory work can proceed, whether in the form of new experiments on known compounds, or on new combinations of such compounds, or novel undertakings that require scientific insight and foresight.

We are deeply indebted to Dr. Milton and Lois Shiffman for enabling our scientists to pursue their aims, for the future success of their work ultimately depends not only on their scientific skill and foresight, but on the beneficence and faith of the true patrons of science.

Conferment of Dr. Honoris Causa to Dr. Milton Shiffman
Bar Ilan University, June 1995

Left to right:
Prof. Slomo Eckstein - President of Bar Ilan University,
Ms. A. Shiffman, Mrs. L. Shiffman, Dr. M. Shiffman and
Mr. Ezer Weizman - President of Israel.

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