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Prof. Hillel Rapoport


Current position
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University
Past positions
2001-2003 Visiting Research Fellow, Stanford Center for International Development (SCID), Department of Economics, Stanford University
2002-2003 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Stanford University
Other affiliations
  • EQUIPPE (EA 4018), Universités de Lille
  • Center for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM), University College London
  • Department of Economics, Université Catholique de Louvain
  • CEPREMAP, Paris
Academic degrees and awards
2008 Developing Countries Prize, for economic research on "Migration and Development", Justus Liebig Universitat Giessen, November
2003 Milken Institute Award for Distinguished Economic Research (for the paper "Brain Drain and LDCs' Growth: Winners and Losers"), The Milken Institute, Los Angeles, April.
2001 Annual Junior Research Fellowship, Center for Research on Economic Development and Policy Reform, Stanford University, 2001-02.
1993 Ph.D. in Economics, University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) .
Research grants (as principal investigator) and contracts
2008 MacArthur Foundation, Initiative on Global Migration and Human Mobility, research grant for a project on Migration, international capital flows and economic development, 2008-10.
2007 World Bank, Migration and Development Program, research grant for a project on The effect of emigration on home country institutions and governance, 2007-08.
2006 Ihel Foundation, research grant for a project on Assimilation and cohesiveness in a hostile environment - lessons from the spatial and demographic structure of Jewish communities in medieval Europe, 2006-07.
2005 G-20, Reserve Bank of Australia and Australian Treasury, research contract for a project on How does skilled emigration affect developing countries? Facts, theory and policy.
2005 World Bank, Migration and Development Program, research grant for a project on Brain drain and human capital formation in developing countries - An empirical analysis.
2004 Inter-American Development Bank, research grant for a project on Migration and education inequality in Mexico, 2004-05.
2003 Rockefeller Foundation, research grant for a project on Network effects and the dynamics of migration and inequality, 2003-04.
Professional Membership (past and present)
American Economic Association, European Economic Association, Israeli Economic Association, French Economic Association, Royal Economic Society, European Society for Population Economics, European Public Choice Society, Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture
Teaching (past and present)

Teaching experience at:

Bar-Ilan University, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Maastricht School of Governance, Paris School of Economics, Stanford University, Tel-Aviv University, University of Lille, University of California at Santa Cruz

Courses taught :

Development Economics (BA and MA), Public Economics (BA and MA), International Economics, Industrial Organization, Price Theory, Economic Policy Analysis, Introduction to Economic Analysis - Micro and Macro

Mini-courses :

Migration and Development: Kiel Summer School in Economic Policy, July 2008; Master in Public Policy and Human Development, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, April 2009, Master in Public Policy and Development, Paris School of Economics, 2009-10 (scheduled)

Economics of International Migration: Advanced Graduate Studies Program, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, 2009-10 (scheduled)
Professional presentations (since 2005)
Policy conferences
  • The Global Economic Symposium, Plön Castle, Germany, September 4-5, 2008. Panelist in the session on "Designing immigration policy".
  • Workshop on Migration and Human Capital Development, French Development Agency, Paris, June 2008. Title of the talk: "Brain drain and human capital development: an overview".
  • High-Level Workshop on Migration and Development, IDDRI and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, March 2006. The workshop gathered three experts and the Directors of Cooperation of the main European bilateral donors. Presentation on "The migration of elites: risks and opportunities for development".
  • G-20 Workshop on Demographic Challenges and Migration, workshop organized by the G-20, the Australian Treasury and Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, August 2005. The workshop gathered ten experts and fifty G-20 country representatives. Presentation on "How does skilled emigration affects developing countries? Facts, theory and policy".
Academic conferences Brain drain and brain gain, CEPR and Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti, Pisa, May 2009. Second Transnationality of Migrants (TOM) Conference, CEPR and Marie Curie Research Training Network, Catholic University of Louvain, January 2009. European Migration: comparative advantage versus cherry-picking policies, Romanian Academy of Sciences, Bucarest, June 2008. Sloan Industry Studies Conference 2008, Boston, May 2008. Invited session on "Global High-Skill Labor Markets". Workers without borders: rethinking economic migration, The Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Maastricht, March 2008. Economic School of Louvain (ESL) Inaugural Conference, September 2007. XIX Villa Mondragone International Economic Conference, Center for Economic and International Studies (CEIS), Università Tor Vergata, Rome, June 2007. Workshop on Migration and Economic Integration, Centre for Household, Income, Labour and Demographic Economics (CHILD), Università di Bari, June 2007. Israeli Economic Association, Jerusalem, May 2007. Migration and Human Development in Mexico, Stanford Center for International Development (SCID) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Stanford University, April 2007. Outsourcing, migration and the European economy, European Science Foundation and CEPR, Rome, September 2006. French Economic Association, Paris, September 2006. European Society for Population Economics, Verona, June 2006. Development Economics Workshop, IRES, Catholic University of Louvain, September 2005. European Society for Population Economics, Paris, June 2005. The New Economics of the Brain Drain: View and Counterview, invited session of the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Nottingham, March 2005. Skilled Migration: Prospects, Problems and Policies, Russel Sage Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations and Columbia University, Columbia University, New York, March 2005.
Edited volumes
The Economics of Immigration and Social Diversity, Research in Labor Economics (co-editor with Carmel Chiswick and Solomon Polachek), Amsterdam: Elsevier-North Holland, Vol. 24, 2006. Altruisme: Analyses Economiques, Paris: Economica, 1998 (co-editor with François-Régis Mahieu).
Handbook chapter
"The economics of migrants' remittances" (with Frédéric Docquier); in S.-C. KOLM and J. MERCIER YTHIER, eds. (2006): Handbook of the Economics of Giving, Altruism and Reciprocity, Amsterdam: North Holland, Vol. 2, Chap. 17.
Journal articles
"Self-selection patterns in U.S.-Mexico migration: the role of migration networks" (with David McKenzie), Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.
  • Featured in The New York Times, November 30, 2006, "The Immigration Answer? It's in Mexico's Classrooms".
Remittances and inequality: a dynamic migration model" (with Frédéric Docquier and I-Ling Shen), Journal of Economic Inequality, forthcoming. "Brain drain and human capital formation in developing countries: winners and losers" (with Michel Beine and Frédéric Docquier), Economic Journal, 118, 528, 2008: 631-52. "Migration and education inequality in rural Mexico" (with David McKenzie), Integration & Trade, 27 2007: 135-58. "Economic growth and endogenous intergenerational altruism" (with Jean-Pierre Vidal), Journal of Public Economics, 91, 7-8, 2007: 1231-46. "Network effects and the dynamics of migration and inequality: theory and evidence from Mexico" (with David McKenzie), Journal of Development Economics, 84, 1, 2007: 1-24.
  • Reprinted in "Anthology on Migrant Remittances and Development: Research Perspectives", edited by R.H. Adams, Jr., H. de Haas, and U. Osili. New York: Social Science Research Council, April 2009,
"International labor and capital flows: complements or substitutes?" (with Maurice Kugler), Economics Letters, 94, 2, 2007: 155-62. "Measuring international skilled migration: a new database controlling for age of entry" (with Michel Beine and Frederic Docquier), World Bank Economic Review, 21, 2, 2007: 249-54. "On the Law of Return in rural-urban interactions: An economic rationale for solidarity with return migrants" (with Carine Drapier and Hubert Jayet), Research in Labor Economics, 24, 2006: 427-48. "Migration selectivity and the evolution of spatial inequality" (with Ravi Kanbur), Journal of Economic Geography, 5, 1, 2005: 43-57. "On human capital formation with exit options" (with Eliakim Katz), Journal of Population Economics, 18, 2, 2005: 267-74. "Who is afraid of the brain drain? Human capital flight and growth in developing countries", Brussels Economic Review, 47, 1, 2004: 89-101. "Endogenous discrimination, migration prospects and the protection of ethnic minorities" (with Frédéric Docquier), Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, 71-72, 2003: 79-95. "The optimal size for a minority" (with Avi Weiss), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 51, 1, 2003: 27-45. "Ethnic discrimination and the migration of skilled labor" (with Frédéric Docquier), Journal of Development Economics, 70, 1, 2003: 159-72. "Migration, credit constraints and self-employment: A simple model of occupational choice, inequality and growth", Economics Bulletin, 15, 2002: 1-5. "Cooperative minorities and intergroup hostility" (with Avi Weiss), Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, 63-64, 2001: 171-82. "Brain drain and economic growth: theory and evidence" (with Michel Beine and Frédéric Docquier), Journal of Development Economics, 64, 1, 2001: 275-89.
  • Reprinted in C. Belfield, ed. (2006): Modern Classics in the Economics of Education, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series (Series editor: M. Blaug).
"Economic integration, industrial policy and institutional design in the developing world", Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 8, 2, 1999: 231-40. "Drug Addiction and the Economic Rationalization of Gun Control" (with Gil Epstein and Avi Weiss), Economics Letters, 65, 1, 1999: 55-57. "Are migrant minorities strategically self-selected?" (with Frédéric Docquier), Journal of Population Economics, 11, 4, 1998: 579-88 "Coordination, altruism and underdevelopment", Kyklos, 48, 3, 1995: 389-407. "External Debt and Structural Adjustment: Recent Experience in Turkey" (with Victor Lavy), Middle Eastern Studies, 28, 2, 1992: 313-33.
  • Reprinted in T. NIBLOCK and R. WILSON, eds. (1999): The Political Economy of the Middle East, Aldershot: Edward Elgar.
Book chapters
"Skilled migration: the perspective of developing countries" (with Frédéric Docquier), in J. BHAGWATI and G. HANSON, eds.: Skilled migration: prospects, problems and policy, New York: The Russell Sage Foundation, forthcoming. "The Brain Drain" (with Frederic Docquier); in L. BLUME and S. DURLAUF, eds.: The New Palgrave. A Dictonary of Economics, London: Palgrave and MacMillan, 2nd edition, 2008. "In-group cooperation in a hostile environment - An economic perspective on some aspects of Jewish life in (pre-Modern) Diaspora" (with Avi Weiss); in C. CHISWICK, T. LECKER and N. KAHANA, eds.: Jewish Society and Culture: An Economic Perspective, Ramat Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press, 2007. Pp. 103-28. "How does skilled emigration affect developing countries? Facts, theory and policy" (with Frederic Docquier); in Demographic Challenges and Migration, Canberra: G-20 and Commonwealth of Australia, 2006. Chapter 5, pp. 115-49. "Strategic and Altruistic Remittances" (with Frédéric Docquier); in L.-A. GERARD-VARET, S.-C. KOLM and J. MERCIER YTHIER, eds. (2000): The Economics of Reciprocity, Giving and Altruism, London and New York: MacMillan and St Martin Press. Chapter 16, pp. 285-297.
Articles in French
"Migrations et investissements directs étrangers dans l'espace européen (UE15)" (with Souraya El Yaman and Maurice Kugler), Revue Economique,58, 3, 2007: 725-33. "L'immigration sélective, remède miracle aux problèmes économiques européens?" (with Frederic Docquier), Reflets et Perspectives de la Vie Economique, 46, 1, 2007: 97-111.
  • Reprinted in Problèmes Economiques, No 2937, December 2007.
"Migration du travail qualifié et formation de capital humain dans les pays en développement: un modèle stylisé et une revue de la littérature" (with Frédéric Docquier), Economie Internationale, 4, 2005: 5-26. "Croissance, inégalités et redistribution dans un modèle de fuite des cerveaux" (Growth, inequality and redistribution in a model of brain drain) (with Frédéric Docquier), Revue Economique, 50, 3, 1999: 499-510. "Fuite des cerveaux et formation de capital humain" (Brain drain and human capital formation) (with F. Docquier), Economie Internationale, 79, 1999: 63-71. "Recherche de rente, politique commerciale et développement" (Rent-seeking, trade policy and development), Revue Française d'Economie, 10, 1995: 147-185. "L'approvisionnement vivrier de Kinshasa (Zaïre): stratégies d'adaptation à la crise du système alimentaire" (Food supply to the city of Kinshasa: how people cope with the crisis?), Cahiers des Sciences Humaines, 29, 4, 1993: 695-711.
Working Papers
  • Can migration reduce educational attainment? Evidence from Mexico (with David McKenzie), BREAD Working Paper No 124, Harvard University, July 2006. PDF:
  • Brain drain and the world distribution of income and population (with Andrew Mountford), CReAM Working Paper No 04/07, University College London, March 2007. PDF:
  • Migration and FDI: complements or substitutes? (with Maurice Kugler), Sept. 2006. PDF:
  • On the robustness of brain gain estimates (with Michel Beine and Frederic Docquier), May 2009.
  • The effect of emigration on home country institutions (with Elisabetta Lodigiani, Frederic Docquier and Maurice Schiff), Mimeo., May 2009.
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