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Special Joint IJJER-IARJE Fifth and Sixth Issues

2013 Issues 5-6 (December)

ISSN 2305-4417

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Introduction: Multiple identities in Jewish Education
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Beyond a Humpty Dumpty Narrative: In Search of a New Rhymes and Reasons in the Research of Contemporary Jewish Identity Formation
Tali E. Zelkowicz
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Events as Shaping Identity: Rabbi S. R. Hirsch and Multi-Cultural Discourse
Avinoam Rosenak
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Multiple Identities as Viewed by Eriksonian Theory and its Critics: A Psychological Perspective with Relevance to Contemporary Jewish Education
Elli P. Schachter
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Narrative Routes to Jewish Pluralistic Identities
Nurit Novis-Deutch
Abstract  | Full Text PDF (Size:233K)

On the Partial Awareness of ‘Judaism’ in the Curriculum of Secular State Education in Israel
Nurit Chamo
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How Solid is Jewish Student-Teacher’s Solidarity? Israeli Student Teachers’ perceptions of the Jewish Identity and Sense of belonging to the Jewish People
Dinah Laron & David Mittelberg
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Multiplicity of Identity expressed in Jewish Educational Settings: The Case of Summer Camps in the US
Erik H. Cohen
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Multiple Ethnic identities among Israeli Immigrants in Europe
Lilach Lev-Ari
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Elu v Elu: Towards integration of Identity and Multiple Narratives in the Jewish Renewal Sector and Beyond
Adina Newberg
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האתגרים הפילוסופיים והחינוכיים של הנרטיב המזרחי החדש בישראל: היבטים ביקורתייםאריה קיזל Hebrew Abstract  | English Abstract | Full Text PDF (Size: 248K)
זהות לאומית ללא תרבות יהודית בעיניהם של אחד העם ומרדכי קפלןניחם רוס Hebrew Abstract  | English Abstract | Full Text PDF (Size: 316K)
Contributors of the present issue
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