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The Goals of the Center

The Peleg-Bilig Center for the Study of Family Wellbeing

All does not bode well on the Israeli home front. Divorce is on the rise, with many Israeli married couples parting ways. Thousands of women and similar numbers of children are victims of domestic abuse which, in recent years, appears to be escalating, very often resulting in violence and even murder.

Clearly there is a need to promote serious investigation of these worrisome trends and to devise techniques to strengthen family relationships and prevent dissolution of marriage even in the face of the pressures which are prevalent in Israeli society, such as war and terrorism, hardships of new immigrants, unemployment, inter-ethnic and religious-secular conflicts.

In an effort to address this disturbing situation, the Peleg-Bilig Center for the Study of Family Well-being was recently established at Bar-Ilan University, at the initiative of the Peleg-Bilig family.

Goals of the Center

The Center will strive to study and promote the concept of family wellbeing, through a combined program of research, training and outreach. More specifically, the Center will focus efforts on:

(a) identifying the complex psychosocial factors contributing to family well-being;
(b) exploring their implications;

(c) developing techniques which, when implemented, could ultimately prevent family malfunction and divorce;

(d) and reaching out to the population at large to generate awareness and understanding of the skills necessary to effect family wellbeing.

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