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Scholarships for studies in the quality of couple relationships, marriage and family:

The center offers scholarships for dissertations or research proposals by young researchers
(Ph.D. students or scholars up to 5 years after their Ph.D. degree) from Israeli universities.
All the requests will be reviewed scientifically by the center's staff.

Each scholarship is worth up to 2500 US dollars.

Criteria for requests:

1. Work which focuses on psycholgical and social factors that contribute to the
quality of couple relationship, marriage and family in Israel.

2. Requests approved by the research authority of the delegate universities.

3. Dissertations and research works by young scholars will be preferred over MA theses.
In special cases, excellent MA theses will be brought up for discussion and approval.

4. The requests should arrive at the center no later than 30.5.2005.

Address for requests (plus approval information):
Prof. Mario Mikulincer
Head of the Peleg-Bilig Center
Department of Psychology
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan, 52900
Phone: 972-3-531-7782

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