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Below are links to the responses published following the AUT's decision to boycott Bar-Ilan and Haifa Universities.

'Law to be used' to stop Israeli university boycotts / Guardian / 30/05/06

British Faculty Union Votes to Encourage Boycott of Some Israeli Academics (Registration Required) / Guardian / 30/05/06

Outrage in Israel over NATFHE Boycott (Hebrew) / NFC / 30/05/06

The Association of Jewish Sixthformers "dismayed" by NATFHE boycott / ENGAGE / 30/05/06

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East strongly condemns actions of british union to boycott/ Blacklist Israeli Scholars /SPME / 27/05/06

Thousands of academics oppose boycott of Israel / Guardian / 27/05/06

Academics take a stand on Israel boycott plan / Guardian / 27/05/06

Laureates denounce action against Israel / The Times Higher Education / 26/05/06

Stop the British academic boycott of Israel / The Jerusalem Post / 25/05/06

View Letter from Seaford

IAB warns of 'silent' boycott by UK academics / Jerusalem Post / 21/05/06

Concern in Iran After a Scholar Is Held 3 Weeks / New York Times / 21/05/06

Anthony Julius Tells University of Haifa Audience of New Boycott Attempt / IMRA Website / 21/05/06

The Guardian's Demonization Campaign / Honest Reporting Website / 21/05/06

British Academic Boycott of Israel / Blogger News Website / 21/05/06

Intellectual dishonesty / Jerusalem Post Website / 20/05/06

English professor boycotts Israeli publication / Jerusalem Post Website / 19/05/06

British professor confirms 'silent' boycott of Israel / Haaretz Website / 19/05/06

Prof. Richard Seaford, English professor from the University of Exeter, UK - Bigotry early adopter / Solomania Website / 19/05/06

Fundamentally Freund: A Bit of British Humbug / Israel National News Website / 19/05/06

Time to boycott the boycotters / Ynet News / 19/05/06

British Professor Refuses Request to Write Article for Israeli Journal as Part of his Academic Boycott against Israel / WAFA Website / 19/05/06

British Academic Boycott Is Just Blinkered Bigotry / Forward Website / 19/05/06

British professor refuses request to write article for Israeli journal / Haaretz Website / 18/05/06

Letters: Boycotting Israeli lecturers / International Herald Tribune / 17/05/06

AJCongress Denounces as "Indefensible" NATFHE Resolutions to Boycott Israeli Universities & Academics / American Jewish Congress / 16/05/06

Protest the Proposed UK Boycott of Israeli Universities! / American Jewish Congress / 16/05/06

Israel boycott resurfaces in NATFHE / Workers Liberty Website / 16/05/06

IAB Raises Concerns of American Association of Petroleum Boycott of Manuscripts Submitted by Iranian Petroleum Engineers / 15/05/06

ADL Condemns British Union's Attempt to Blacklist Israeli Scholars / 15/05/06

Reject this 'academic intifada' / Guardian Website 15/05/06

New call by lecturers for Israeli academic boycott / Guardian Website 12/05/06

AJC Launches Project to Fight Anti-Israel Boycott / American Jewish Committee 12/05/06

Let's boycott the universities / Guardian Website 12/05/06

Boycott Debate Is Back / Inside Higher Ed Website 12/05/06

AAUP Statement regarding the arrest and detention of Professor Ramin Jahanbegloo / 11/05/06

"Zionist" trade unionists not suitable to vote at NATFHE confernece - Mark Osborn / Engage Website / 11/05/06

Whose human rights? / Guardian Website 11/05/06


Academic Israel boycott debate set to return / Europian Jewish Press 10/05/06

'Anti-Semitic' boycott planned in UK / Ynet Website 10/05/06

U.K. ambassador: Academic boycott of Israel 'not productive' / Haaretz Website 10/05/06

Academic boycott debate returns to UK / Jerusalem Post Website 10/05/06

An Appeal From Scholars WorldWide To NATFHE Not to Vote/Defeat Any Motions to Boycott Israel Scholars 09/05/06

New U.K. attempt to boycott Israeli universities, professors / Haaretz Website / 09/05/06

NATFHE: Chuck out 198C! / Engage Website / 09/05/06

The need to boycott Israel / Haaretz Website / 09/05/06

Geology Journal Cites U.S. Policy in Rejecting 2 Papers Tied to Iran (subscribers only) / Chronicle of Higher Education / 20/04/06

The Controvertial Paper - The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

David Duke: My Conversation With Joe Scarborough On MSNBC / Argentina Indymdia Website, 23/03/2006

"Free Exchange on Campus" Coalition Aims to Silence Dialogue on Academic / Students for Academic Freedom Website, 23/03/2006

Harvard Backs Away from "Israel Lobby" Professors; Removes Logo from Controversial Paper / C.A.M.E.R.A. Website, 22/03/2006

News and Views From Europe: Sharia Finance Established In UK / The Jewish Press, 22/03/2006

Lobbying in an English accent / The Jerusalem Post, 22/03/2006

Academic freedom tough sell these days / The Baxter Bulletin Online, 21/03/2006

In search of freedom / Al-Aharam Weekly On-Line, 21/03/2006

AAUP Calls Off Boycott Conference / Inside Higher Ed, 21/03/2006

AAUP Cancels Meeting on Academic Boycotts Amid Dispute Over Anti-Semitic Article / The Chronicle of Higher Education, 21/03/2006

The Real Bias in the Classroom / Inside Higher Ed. Website, 20/03/2006

Profs, Liberals Team Up Against 'Academic Bill of Rights' / CNS News, 20/03/2006

The Divestment Conference at Georgetown / Front Page Mag, 17/03/2006

Uniting Against Horowitz / Inside Higher Ed Website, 17/03/2006

Faculty, Student and Civil Liberties Groups Unite in Campaign to Preserve Academic Freedom and Fight Limits on Campus Free Speech / Collegiate Presswire, 17/03/2006

Academic freedom not in jeopardy, SUNY trustees say / Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 17/03/2006

Academic Freedom And Historical Denial / The Jewish Week, 17/03/2006

The truths that we must tell / The Canadian Jewish News, 16/03/2006

No stranger to controversy, Dershowitz remains unapologetic/ The Times Online, 14/03/2006

New York Legislature Takes Up Academic Freedom/ Front Page Mag Website, 14/03/2006

Academic Attack on Israel's Military / Front Page Mag Website, 14/03/2006

Academic Freedom and Classroom Brainwashing / Capitalism Magazine, 13/03/2006

Riverside Restoration/ National Review Online, 13/03/2006

Asmi Bishara Keynotes Palestine Center's Annual Conference/ WRMEA Website

Challenging the NGO mythology/ Jerusalem Post, 13/03/2006

This bigot has no place in the lecture hall/ The Observer, 12/03/2006

Scholar alleges federal intrusion on freedom/ Contra Costa Times, 11/03/2006

Historian: Anti-Semitism is on the rise among leftist U.K. academics/ Haaretz Website, 11/03/2006

"European media is questioning Israel's right to exist"/ European Jewish Press, 10/03/2006

Dance magazine out of step with Israel / By Rachel Fletcher London Jewish Chronicle, 10/03/2006

Pink Floyd Leader Urged by Palestinians to Boycott Israel/ The Conservative Voice Website, 10/03/2006

Dance Europe's Policy of Bias and Censorship/ Downtown Dance Website, 10/03/2006

Pink Floyd Leader Urged to Boycott Israel by Palestinians/ The Common Voice Website, 10/03/2006

UK cited for 'obsessive' anti-Semitism/ Jerusalem Post, 09/03/2006

When an apology isn't enough/ The Jerusalem Post, 08/03/2006

Falling on deaf ears/ The Education Guardian Website, 08/03/2006

Supreme Court Ruling on Military Recruiting Heralded/ CNS News Website, 07/03/2006

Israeli Academic Union Sends Message of Support to AUT in its Dispute Over Pay/ Engage Website, 06/03/2006

Crisis at Columbia/ Front Page Mag Website, 06/03/2006

Rogers and out! / The New York Daily News Website, 03/03/2006

Silver Looks To Squeeze Out Rogers from Javits, Silvercup/ The New York Sun Website, 03/03/2006

Architect at Center of Feud Fled Italian Fascism, Found Fame/ The New York Sun Website, 03/03/2006

Javits Architect Cuts His Link To Group Pushing Israel Boycott/ The New York Sun Website, 01/03/2006

Inept Anti-Israel Activists/ TNR Website, 01/03/2006

Who's Afraid of David Horowitz?/ Inside Higher Ed Website, 27/02/2006

Close, But No Cigar/ Front Page Mag Website, 27/02/2006

Combating anti-Semitism/ Some-Thing- Jewish Website, 26/02/2006

Jerusalem: The radicals behind the Anglican Church/ Virtue On- line Website, 26/02/2006

Making an Impact: NGO Monitor crucial in AAUP decision to postpone Ford Foundation sponsored conference/ NGO- Monitor Website, 26/02/2006

Tory MPs say Anglicans are 'politically motivated' over Israel / Ekklesia Website, 24/02/2006

AAUP leader cites threats to academic freedom/ University of Delaware Website, 24/02/2006

Letters to the Editor, National Post - Campuses must uphold free speech/ SAFS Website, 24/02/2006

Israeli apartheid tensions/ The Oxford Student, 23/02/2006

Harvard professors oust Larry Summers/ Opinion Journal Website, 23/02/2006

Divestment conference renews activism/ Arab American News Website

Jews against Israel/ Jerusalem Post Website, 22/02/2006

Lecturing on a World She Cannot Lecture In/ The New York Times, 22/02/2006

The Lamentable Case of Joan Scott/ Front Page Magazine Website, 21/02/2006

Churches Debate Pro-Palestinian Divestment/ Brocktown News Website, 21/02/2006

The Knights of Academic Freedom - Hebrew/ NRG Website, 20/02/2006

The Knights of Academic Freedom / NRG Website, 20/02/2006

SOUTH AFRICA: University strike suspended/ Green Left Website, 20/02/2006

Churches debate pro-Palestinian divestment/ The Mercury News Website, 18/02/2006

Sponsors quash boycott debate/ Mail & Guardian Online, 17/02/2006

From Holy Land To Hoya Land / The Jewish Week Website, 17/02/2006

A Dangerous Combination / The Harvard Crimson Website, 17/02/2006

US Campus Wars - Phyllis Chesler and Joan Scott / Engage Website, 17/02/2006

The new British anti-Semitism/ Haaretz Website, 16/02/2006

Censorship on the Island/ National Post, 16/02/2006

Boycotters' misrepresentations printed in the Guardian/ Engage Website, 16/02/2006

Free Speech, Cartoons and Double Standards/ Media Monitors Network, 16/02/2006

Academic boycott/ The Guardian Website, 16/02/2006

Boycott of Israel grows as Anglican Church, Architect Association Join/ IMEMC News Website, 16/02/2006

Ellen Schrecker's McCarthyite Crusade/ Front Page Magazine Website, 16/02/2006

Is This Any Way for Scholars to Behave?/ Washington Post Website, 15/02/2006

Anti-Israel on campus: Louder, not more effective/ Jerusalem Post Website, 15/02/2006

U.S. Jews block conference set to include anti-Israel professors/ The Jerusalem Post Website, 11/02/2006

Academic boycotts conference put off/ The Jerusalem Post Website, 10/02/2006

Worse Than McCarthy/ The Chronicle Review Website, 10/02/2006

Boycotts conference postponed/ The JTA Website, 10/02/2006

Group Condoning Terrorism to Hold Conference at Georgetown/ The News Blaze Website, 10/02/2006

Architects threaten to boycott Israel over 'apartheid' barrier/ The Independent Online Edition, 10/02/2006

Statement by Edward J. McElroy, President, American Federation of Teachers, On Decision by the AAUP to Postpone Conference on Academic Boycotts, 10/02/2006

A Parley on Academic Boycotts Seen as Anti-Israel Is Postponed/ The New York Sun Website, 09/02/2006

Fiasco at AAUP/ Inside Higher Ed Website, 09/02/2006

Delay Sought Of Parley Seen As Anti-Israel/ The New York Sun Website, 08/02/2006

American Association of University Professors Statement / 08/02/2006

AJC Commends Actions on AAUP Conference / 08/02/2006

'Why depict Israel as a chamber of horrors?'/ Haaretz website, 08/02/2006

Anti- Defamation League Urges Postponement of Academic Conference Citing Concerns over Participants and Content / ADL Website, 08/02/2006

Ford Foundation Will Pay for Parley Of Anti-Israel Scholars at Lake Como / The New York Sun Website, 07/02/2006

The First National Academic Freedom Conference Letter from the National / 07/02/2006

Ford Foundation Funds Anti-Israel Event / NewsMax Website, 07/02/2006

Georgetown hosts conference / The GW Hatchet Website, 02/02/2006

First Do No Harm: A Critique of the Human Security Approach to Arms Control / Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, 01/02/2006

American Association of University Professors blunders on boycott - Jon Pike / Engage Website, 31/01/2006

Boycott Hamas 'terrorists,' says influential Israeli / Edmonton Journal Website, 30/01/2006

'Boycott Israel' forum held in London / Jerusalem Post Website, 29/01/2006

All Speakers Agree: An Academic Boycott Is An Unacceptable Political Tool (Hebrew)/ Haaretz Website, 29/01/2006

Bar-Ilan looks at boycotts / JTA Website, 29/01/2006

The Palestinian Call for Academic Boycott: Adjusting the Parameters of the Debate / Indybay Website, 28/01/2006

Dershowitz: Divestiture promotes terror / Jerusalem Post Website, 27/01/2006

Academic Boycotts Hurt Scholars but Do Little to Change Policies, Say Speakers at Israeli Conference / The Chronicle of Higher Education Website, 27/01/2006

Academic Boycotts Hurt Scholars but Do Little to Change Policies, Say Speakers at Israeli Conference / History News Network, 27/01/2006

Boycotts self-defeating, Israel conference told / The Education Guardian Website, 26/01/2006

Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom / American Library Association Website, 25/01/2006

Discussing academic freedom / Europian Jewish Press Website, 18/01/2006

Bar-Ilan to Host International Conference on Academic Freedom and the Politics of Boycotts/ IMRA Website, 18/01/2006

A very important conference: Academic Freedom & the Politics of Boycotts, January 25th-26th, Bar Ilan University/ Israel -Academia -Monitor, 18/01/2006


Scholarly and Scientific Boycotts of Israel: Abusing the Scientific Enterprise

UK Department for International Development (DFID)/ NGO Monitor, 18/01/2006

Roberts court likely to uphold Solomon Amendment/ The Stanford Daily, 18/01/2006

Bar-Ilan to Host International Conference/ Engage Website, 18/01/2006

Trendy Politics at Europe's Oldest University/ The American Thinker, 18/01/2006

Fight for a slice of top-up pie / Education Guardian, 18/01/2006

International Headline News./ Jewish Ledger website, 08/01/2006

Columbia's Hysterical Arabist: Zainab Bahrani/ FrontPageMag website, 08/01/2006

Top issues affecting Jews in 2005/ Cleveland Jewish News website, 08/01/2006

Chief Rabbi warns of anti-Semitic 'tsunami'/ Telegraph website, 08/01/2006

Standing Up for Academic Freedom/ Inside Higher Ed website, 08/01/2006

The Dishonest Reporter "Award" 2005/ FrontPageMag website, 08/01/2006

British Academics Seeking to Revive Anti-Israel Boycott/ Arutz Sheva website, 25/09/2005

Why the boycott hurts Palestinians: An open letter to supporters of the anti-Israel academic boycott/ Israel21c website, 25/9/2005

U.K. group renews attempts at academic boycott of Israel/ Haaretz Correspondent, 25/09/2005

UK academic boycott to resurface soon/ Jerusalem Post, 22/9/2005

The morality of a cultural boycott of Israel/ Omar Barghouti, 21/9/2005

Student leader suspended in row over Islamist debate/ The Guardian, 21/9/2005

The morality of a cultural boycott of Israel/ Omar Barghouti, 21/9/2005

Israel boycott feud resurfaces/ The Guardian, 20/9/2005

Israeli academic thanks NPC for its 'principled position' over boycott/ Times Higher Education Supplement, 20/9/2005

Anglicans have betrayed the Jews/ Dr Irene Lancaster, Manchester University (UK)/ Israpundit website, 20/8/2005

Fragmented beyond repair?/ Jerusalem Post Website, 26/07/05

UK Academic Boycott, U.S. Divestment Campaign Target Israeli Occupation/ WRMEA Website, 15/07/05

One year on: Palestinian civil society calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions/ Electronic Intifada, 09/07/05

United Church of Christ Adopts Divestment Resolution/ AINA Website, 06/07/05

Uni changes spark call to boycott Govt committees/ ABC News Online, 05/07/05

Rigid certainty, political correctness evidence educational failure/ Pasadena Star News, 25/06/05

The use and misuse of the Holocaust in a dubious cause/ The Jewish Tribune, 30/06/05

A Refresher Course in Political Advocacy/ The Canadian Jewish News, 23/06/05

Anglican Church urged to join Israel boycott/ Islamic Republic News Agency, 23/06/05

Better neighbors through science/ Israel 21c Website, 19/06/05

Academic freedom in context / Al- Ahram Online, 18/06/05

Excerpts / Independent Media Review Analysis, 17/06/05

A swirl in a cup? / Al- Ahram Online, 07/06/05

Why must one shout, when a whisper can be heard? / Jerusalem Post Website, 07/06/05

Simon Wiesenthal Center Founder to Speak at Global Conference on Anti-Semitism and Other Forms of Intolerance 06/06/05

Photographs, Audio Speeches and Interviews from the Peace Vigil Outside the last AUT Meeting / Zionism on the Web

A victory for academic freedom / Haaretz Website, 03/06/05

Boycott Of Israeli Universities Canceled / The Jewish Week Website, 03/06/05

Outcry over boycott-breaker / Al- Ahram Online, 03/06/05

Netanyahu to battle academic boycotts/ Jerusalem Post Website, 02/06/05

Faith in the campus/ Jerusalem Post Website, 02/06/05

NGO Leadership in Anti-Israel Boycott and Divestment Campaigns / NGO Monitor Website, 02/06/05

The Academic Friends of Israel Press Release, 01/06/05

NGO Leadership in Anti-Israel Boycott and Divestment Campaigns / NGO Monitor Website, 01/06/05

Snap Judgement: A little louder, please / Jerusalem Post Website, 01/06/05

AUT boycott supporters: Efforts to ostracize Israel will continue / The Handstand Website, 01/06/05

The AUT victory unravels / Melanie Phillips's Diary, 31/05/05

Hebrew - A Victory for Academic Fredoom, Prof. Yeshurun / Haaretz Website, 30/05/05

Seeking alternatives to a third Palestinian intifada / The Daily Star, 30/05/05

Wake up, Jews! Wake up, academics! / Melanie Phillips's Diary, 30/05/05

Israeli and Palestinian university presidents condemn AUT boycott / Jerusalem Posr, 30/05/05

AUT overturns boycott in re-vote / Jerusalem Post, 29/05/05

The stain remains / IsraelInsider Website, 29/05/05

The Lessons of the AUT Boycott Reversal / ZNet Website, 28/05/05

Lefty Labor Union Loses / BNN Website, 28/05/05

British academics call off boycott of two Israeli universities 27/05/05

Boycott campaign puts Sari Nusseibeh's life in danger 27/05/05

Encouraging News from NATFHE - EMail from the AFI 27/05/05

UK teachers end Israel boycott 27/05/05

Hebrew - The Academic Boycott Ends 27/05/05

Academics vote to drop boycott of Israeli universities 27/05/05

British university teachers vote to drop boycott of Haifa, Bar-Ilan universities 27/05/05

British Faculty Union Rescinds Boycott of 2 Israeli Universities 27/05/05

Britons end boycott over Israel 27/05/05

AUT overturns boycott in re-vote 27/05/05

British group cancels boycott of two Israeli universities 26/05/05

Picture from the AUT Anti-Boycott Demonstration 26/05/05

Nusseibeh's protest of AUT boycott outrages Palestinian groups 26/05/05

UK Boycott of Israeli Universities Lifted 26/05/05

Lecturers overturn Israel boycott 26/05/05

Israeli boycotts revoked - AUT statement 26/05/05

Stand With Us Applauds Britain's Teacher's Union Decision 26/05/05

AJC Welcomes AUT Decision to Rescind Boycott of Israel 26/05/05

West Bank college benefits from backlash against British boycott of Israeli academia 26/05/05

CAUT by surprise 26/05/05

Palestinian Federation of University Unions Calls on All Parties to Uphold Palestinian Call for Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions / The Alternative Information Website 26/05/05

Federation of University Unions Calls on All Parties to Uphold Palestinian Call for Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions / The Electronic Intifada Website 26/05/05

AUT Boycott Overturned / Harrys place 26/05/05

Federation of University Unions Calls on All Parties to Uphold Palestinian Call for Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions / The Electronic Intifada Website 25/05/05

A boycott will only strengthen the Israeli right 25/05/05

Academic boycott will lead to Israeli self-examination 25/05/05

Birzeit University Praises the British AUT Decision to Boycott Israeli Universities 25/05/05

Palestinian Lecturers Condemn Nusseibah over Boycott Protest 25/05/05

The AUT, the Israel Boycott and the Internet 25/05/05

British teachers' boycott of Israeli varsities slammed 25/05/05

Appeal to end 'misguided' Israeli boycott 25/05/05

Academic Boycott 25/05/05

Speech Made by Lord (Parry) Mitchell, and some of the responses in the House of Lords 25/05/05

Academics may end Israel boycott 24/05/05

21 Nobel Prize Winners Speak Out, The Guardian 24/05/05

Israel boycott 'stitch-up' claim 24/05/05

Freedom of thought at stake 24/05/05

21 Nobel Prize laureates urge AUT to drop boycott of Israeli universities 24/05/05

Statement of the Board of Directors American Association for the Advancement of Science 23/05/05

Letter form Soliciter Anthony Julius to NATFHE 23/05/05

A boycott that verges on anti-Semitism 23/05/05

Motions submitted - special council meeting, 26 may 2005 23/05/05

AJCongress Condemns AUT Boycott of Israeli Academics 23/05/05

Academic boycott of Israeli universities likely to be overturned 23/05/05

NPC Says: Don't take Academia Hostage 23/05/05

Are the Israeli 'racist and colonial policies' similar to those of apartheid South Africa? 22/05/05

War by other means, By Gerald M. Steinberg 22/05/05

Nusseibeh denounces boycott of Israeli academia 22/05/05

IAB Open letter, posted 22/5/05 on UK Times, Telegraph & Guardian

Israeli university plea to stop academic boycott- Polly Curtis, education correspondent 20/05/05

Against Academic Boycott 20/05/05

Hebrew - Get Out of the Classroom 20/05/05

Palestinian, Israeli urge end to British academic boycott 20/05/05

LONDON - Britain's biggest university teachers' union has said it will meet next week to reconsider its boycott of two Israeli universities. 20/05/05

Academics' Union to Reconsider Boycott. 20/5/05

British minister welcomes boycott review 19/05/05

Diaspora Jews launch campaign against academic boycott 19/05/05

On the AUT Boycott 19/05/05

U of T conference still a go despite Israel boycott 19/05/05

Jon Wiener: Israeli Boycott ... A Mistake 19/05/05

News Release Joint Hebrew University--AL-Quds University Statement on Academic Cooperation 19/05/05

The academic boycott of Israel 19/05/05

Letter form Soliciter Anthony Julius to AUT 19/05/05

Scotland AUT motion seen as 'anti-boycott measure' 19/05/05

Q&A on the AUT boycott: Israel is an apartheid state, so shouldn't we boycott it? 19/05/05

Bristol AUT votes 18/05/05

UK welcomes Israel boycott review 18/05/05

1,000 professors sign Bar-Ilan petition, 17/05/05

AJC Launches Fund to Fight Anti-Israel Boycott 17/05/05

Howells wants end to Israeli boycott dispute , 17/05/05

Why an Academic Boycott of My University Is Wrong - By Joshua Schwartz, 16/05/05

4 diffrent Views/ Tharwa Project, 16/05/05

Boycotts never the answer, NAS tells British union

Israeli Threat to Sue Union Over College Boycott, 16/05/05

Anti AUT Boycott Message Circulated in the Wales, 16/05/05

Why The Boycott Is So Offensive - By Judith Apter Klinghoffer, 16/5/05

Cooperation between Bar-Ilan University and the Palestinian Authority and other Arab States, 16/5/05

Why I Favor a Boycott of My Own University - By Ilan Pappe, 16/5/05

Press Release from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign , 16/5/05

A Partial List of Institutional Endorsers of the PACBI Call for Boycott , 16/5/05

Oxford, Cambridge and Warwick strengthen opposition to AUT boycott 15/5/05

Opposition to U.K. Boycott of Israeli Universities Increasing, Haaretz Web Site 15/5/05

Congressman Urges US Boycott of AUT, Haaretz Web Site 15/05/05

Israeli universities slam British AUT academic boycott 13/05/05

The American Political Science Association (APSA) issues a public condemnation of the AUT blacklist 13/05/05


Bar-Ilan opens Web site to fight British boycott, Haaretz Web Site 13/5/05

Middle East Studies Association, The Committee on Academic Freedom, 13/5/05

Q&A on the AUT boycott, Peace Now, UK

The Ghettoization of Israel The American thinker, 13/5/05

3 UK universities nix boycott, Jerusalem Post, 13/5/05

Representative Waxman Calls for State Department to Take Action Against British Boycott of Israeli Universities, 12/5/05

Why we support the Israeli university boycott, 12/5/05

Academic Freedom & Conscience, 12/5/05

Academic boycott of Israel: yes or no?, 12/5/05

AMS (American Mathematical Society) Opposes Academic Boycotts, 12/5/05

The British academic rabble and the boycott of Israel, Worldnet daily, 12/5/05

Hebrew - Bar-Ilan Launches a Website to Enlist Boycott Opposers, 12/5/05

Hebrew - Special Coverage - The Boycott on Israeli Universities, 12/5/05

Hebrew - Bar Ilan Launches International Campaign/ Walla Web Site/ 12/5/05

Hebrew - Bar-Ilan University Opens Web Site to Fight British Boycott, 12/5/05

Haifa U.: Academic boycott is defamation, 11/5/05

The Central Role of PNGO in theAUT Academic Boycott, 10/5/05

Letter form Soliciter Anthony Julius to AUT , 10/5/05

Boycott the boycott, The American thinker, 9/5/05

A strategy for combating European anti-Semitism, News from Eretz Yisrael 9/5/05

Israelis Need Not Apply, 8/5/05

The AUT Boycott, 8/5/05

Rescind the AUT Boycott, May 2005

Oppose the Blacklist of Israeli Academics, May 2005

Special AUT Council 2005/ AUT website

U.K. lecturers to reconsider boycott of two Israeli universities, Haaretz, 6/5/05

The Boycott of Israeli Universities 6/5/05

Special Council called on Israeli boycott proposals / AUT website 5/5/05

How Israel sees the boycott 5/5/05

Second time round for boycott debate/ The Guardian 5/5/05

Condemning the AUT Boycott 5/5/05

Lecturers to reopen debate on Israeli boycott / The Guardian 4/5/05

Backlash Against British Academics, 4/5/05

The 'boycott' of Haifa and Bar-Ilan Universities:Palestinian and US academics condemn move 4/5/05

AAUP Condemns Academic Boycott, 3/5/05

The Haifa and Bar Ilan Boycott, 3/5/05

Boycott Boomerang, Peace Now, UK

British academics getting 'down wiv the kidz', 3/5/05

Latest Advice to AUT Members re. the Academic Boycott, Sue Blackwell, AUT, 3/5/05

Bollinger Opposed to British Boycott, 3/5/05

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

New York Academy of Sciences Issues Statement on Boycott of Israeli Universities

Q&A with Mina Teicher on the U.K. academic boycott, Haartz Web Site May 03, 2005

The Stalinists of the AUT / The National Review Online May 02, 2005

The Academic Ban - Nazi Connection Jerusalem Post, 2/5/05

University of Haifa Response to the AUT Decision, 1/5/05

AUT Digest Backgrounder - AUT anti-Israel resolution

Against the academic boycott of Israel (December, 2002; updated April, 2005)

Boycotting the Jews, By Gerald, M. Steinberg, Wall St. Journal (europe) 29/4/05

Pressure Building Against British Academic Boycott / The Jewish Week 29/4/05

Academic boycott may be annulled before it takes effect / Haaretz.com 29/04/2005

Academic boycott, Letters to the Editor / TIMES ONLINE 29/4/05

British boycott may end before it gets a chance to begin, 29/4/05

Degrees of dishonour, Jewish Chronicle, 29/4/05

Support Israeli Universities Against Boycott

Opposition to AUT snowballs and boycott may be overturned, 29/4/05

London Dispatch College Coarse / The New Republic, 28/4/05 (requires free registration)

New York Academy of Sciences Issues Statement on Boycott of Israeli Universities by British Group, ASCRIBE, 28/4/05

1965 academic boycott of South Africa 28/4/05

Hypocrisy of the liberals/ Haaretz.com 27/04/2005

Boycott Worries? Take a Number / Free Republic 27/4/05

British Academics Protest Israel Boycott, 27/4/05

Academic terrorism, 27/4/05

They Have Separated Themselves From The Academic Community", 27/4/05

SPME/IAFI/AFI Recommendations on British boycott of Israeli Scholars, 27/4/05

Your Activism Needed NOW regarding British Association's decision

Haifa University president calls on dissident academic to resign, Haaretz 26/4/05

Update from AIJAC Boycott Backlash 26/4/05

Introducing Engage, 26/4/05

Academic boycott of Israeli universities is 'misconceived' Letters to the Editor / TIMES ONLINE 26/4/05

Academics' boycott draws protests in UK/ The Jerusalem Post 26/4/05

Legal warnings over Israeli boycott / The Guardian 25/4/05

Blinkered and ill-timed- The AUT boycott of Israeli universities is inimical to academic freedom, 25/4/05

Union losing members over Israeli boycott / The Guardian 25/4/05

Israel fumes at UK academics' boycott / The Jerusalem Post 25/4/05

The UK Academic Boycott; Mid East Reality 23/4/05

Israel Denounces British Union's Boycott, 23/4/05

Lecturers condemned for vote to boycott Israeli universities, 23/4/05

Readers' Opinions: Universities' boycott, Jerusalem Post, 23/4/05

Academic boycott: Bashing Israel / International Herald Tribune 22/4/05

Union Accused over Israel Universities Boycott 22/4/05

BBC News, "Academics back Israeli boycotts ", 22 April 2005

Decision of British Academics to Boycott Israeli Universities 'Misguided and Ill-Timed', 22/4/05

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