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Academic Freedom and Tenure, AAUP

1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure with 1970 Interpretive Comments

Students for Academic Freedom

The Law of Academic Freedom

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The "Salem" interpretation of the University of British Columbia's 1995 suspension of its political science department for "sexism and racism"

A Critique Of The NDP's Employment Equity Policy (1995)

Chris Brand: The g Factor Newsletter Collection: (September 1996 - December 1996)

Decline of Eppur si muove spirit in North American science (1997)

Velvet Totalitarianism on Canadian Campuses: Subverting Effects on the Teaching of, and Research in, the Discipline of Psychology (1997)

Comparison of academic-freedom implications of Duehring (University of Berlin, 1875) and Brand (University of Edinburgh, 1997) cases

Panel at the University of Michigan, 1997, on diversity and academic freedom

The Uses and Abuses of Academic Power and Freedom (1998)

Universities and Scholarship in the Modern Democracy (1998)

The Seven Principles Of Higher Education: A Primer (1998)

On the Recent Establishment of a Velvet Totalitarian Culture of Comfort on Canadian Campuses: Ringing the bell backwards (1999)

Press Release Re: President-Designate University of Toronto (2000)

Velvet Totalitarianism in British Academia: the Case of Chris Brand and Edinburgh University (2000)

Rory Leishman, A Canadian Bard OF Wales (2000)

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The search for truth, not promotion of ideology, is the university's mission (2001)

Velvet totalitarianism: (2001)

Conditions Under Which an Organization Should Defend Academic Freedom (2001)

It's Called Freedom of Speech Re: "Multiculturalism is Not Racism" (2001)

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Professors' Furedy Comments on YUFA's Statement (2003)

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Academic Freedom And The Palestinian Solidarity Conference (2003)

Hatred On Campus (2003)

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Academic penalties for Elmasry (2004)

Pro-Palestinian Meeting Reflections on Academic Freedom at the University of Toronto (2004)

Propaganda in the classroom, Barbara Kay, National Post (2004)

Principled Protection of University Autonomy Through Punishment Versus Concordia University's Cowardly Concerns Over Safety and Culture-of-Comfort Complaints (2005)

APA Symposium on IRBS: Protecting Science and Academic Freedom From Institutional Review Boards (2005)

Zundel as an Instance Of Canada's Shift Toward a Fear Society (2005)

Politically correct or intellectually stifling? (2005)

Looking for Comfort in All the Wrong Places (2005)

Defending Academic Freedom? (2005)

Three evaluations (May, 2005) of the anti-academic, anti-Semitic boycott of two Israeli universities that have been promoted by the Executive of the British Association of University Teachers)

The Openly Expressed Loathing for Israel and Jews Among a Large Swath of Britain's Elites is Cause for Concern (2005)