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BRICUP (British Committee for Universities of Palestine ) is an organisation of UK based academics, set up in response to the Palestinian Call for Academic Boycott. http://www.bricup.org.uk/

We draw your attention to the fact that on September 20 th , the Guardian published an article about "The British Committee for Universities of Palestine" (BRICUP), a pro-boycott organization. They are re-launching the boycott campaign with a series of public meetings on the campuses of Birmingham , York , East London and Sussex Universities , involving speakers from Palestinian universities. It seems that the aim of the group is to put the boycott back on the agenda by presenting "the reality of living under the occupation".

People of BRICUP :

Dr Martha Mundy Co- convenor martha@bricup.org.uk

Prof. Hilary Rose Co- convenor hilary@bricup.org.uk

Prof Steven Rose Secretary steven@bricup.org.uk

Ms Sue Blackwell sue@sue.be

Dr Rumy Hasan R.Hasan@sussex.ac.uk

Mr Adrian Leibowitz A.M.Leibowitz@open.ac.uk

Dr Clara Mancini C.Mancini@open.ac.uk

Phil Marfleet p.marfleet@uel.ac.uk

Dr Nur Masalha masalahan@smuc.ac.uk ;   masalha1957@aol.com ;

Saladin Meckled Garcia s.meckled-garcia@ucl.ac.uk

Prof David Seddon j.d.seddon@uea.ac.uk

Dr Andrew Trigg Triggemail@aol.com A.B.Trigg@open.ac.uk

General Adress : BM BRICUP, London , WC1N3XX, UK info@bricup.org.uk