Born in Poland, immigrated to Palestine as a child.

Served as officer in the war of liberation of Israel in 1948.

Studied Law in Israel and in the United States.

After practicing law for 5 years, was appointed to the bench and served as judge for 31 years in courts of all levels, including Appellate Division in the District Court in Tel-Aviv (Deputy President of the Court), and as Acting Justice in the Supreme Court of Israel, in Jerusalem.

Served twice as member of Israel's delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, (1965 & 1975) holding temporary rank of Ambassador.

Represented Israel at various international events, including the UNESCO conference on Human Rights in Paris, in 1982.

Headed various committees: including one to study the problems of prostitution in Israel, by appointment of the Minister of Justice, and one to prepare a bill of rights for patients, by appointment of the Minister of Health. Served as member of committees dealing with penal reform, probation and the implementation of the law on Patients’ Rights.

Served as President of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ) (1988-2004). Elected in 2004 as Honorary President and head of the committee to combat anti-Semitism.

Honorary President

Retired from the bench in 1991(before retirement age) to write a book on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The book (THE LIE THAT WOULDN’T DIE) was published in nine languages: Hebrew (three editions); German (three editions); English (two editions); Dutch; Hungarian; Rumanian; Russian Bulgarian and Spanish.

Served for four years (1998-2002) as one of the 17 International Arbitrators at the Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) in Zurich, Switzerland, which adjudicated the claims against the Swiss Banks concerning the dormant accounts, the only woman on the Tribunal.

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