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AUT Denies Bar-Ilan's right to Present its Case, Prior to Council's Decision

In a message dated Tuesday , April 19, 2005 7:36 PM , Mr. Jonathan Whitehead Head of parliamentary & public affairs of AUT, writes to Professor Yosef Yeshurun, Rector of Bar - Ilan University :

Subject: RE: Motion against Bar-Ilan University

Dear Professor Yeshurun,

Thank you very much for your email earlier today to Dr Angela Roger, Our national president.

Angela has asked me to reply to you as a matter of urgency and I apologize for the delay in doing so.

Can I start by thanking you for your offer to provide Professor Mina Teicher as a speaker to our Council meeting this week.

Unfortunately though your offer is one we will have to decline. I hope you will let me explain why that is.

As you will understand, the specific motion that you refer to is now the property of AUT Council which will be debating it on Friday along with a number of other motions relating to Israel/Palestine.

It is worth noting that AUT's national executive is recommending to Council that the motion relating to Bar-Ilan University is not passed.

As with all such debates on motions at AUT Council, we would fully expect there to be a number of speeches made both for and against the motion.

As such, we are entirely confident that the debate will be both balanced and restrained.

Also, can I assure you that we do not allow any external speakers to address such debates and we are therefore treatingy our request in the same way as all others.

However as you may expect, we would intend to make Council members aware of the views of your organization and indeed others that have contacted us asking for their views to be taken into account.

As such, if there is some specific information you would like to be passed on I would be grateful if you could email it to me and Angela as soon as possible and we will then endeavor to do so.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Whitehead

Head of parliamentary & public affairs

AUT , 25-31 Tavistock Place , London , WC1H 9UT

020 7670 9732 , 07966 177 793


In a message dated 19 April 2005 12:45 , Professor Yosef Yeshurun, Rector of Bar - Ilan University , writes to AUT President, Angela Roger :

Subject: Motion against Bar-Ilan University

Dear AUT President, Angela Roger,

We are subject to a motion against Bar-Ilan University , and we are willing to present our case by sending a representative from Bar-Ilan University to your meeting.

This representative is Professor Mina Teicher , the former Vice President for Research at our university , a distinguished mathematician, holder of a British passport, member of the London Mathematical Society and member of several committees of the European Union (EU).

I therefore request that you approve her participation during Thursday afternoon's meeting. Let me emphasize that Professor Mina Teicher is able to provide you with all information pertaining to the resolution.

Should you not approve her defending our university at the meeting , I will feel that you are not only involving politics with academia, but that you are not playing a fair game.

Sincerely ,

Professor Yosef Yeshurun,


Bar-Ilan University