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Shlomo P. Neuman, Regents' Professor, Dep.of Hydrology and Water Resources

In a message dated 6/5/2005 5:34 PM. Eastern Standard Time, Professor Shlomo P. Neuman

Dear AUT Colleagues:

I unequivocally condemn your recent decision to selectively boycott Haifa and Bar-Ilan Universities.

In stark contrast, I fully support and am immensely proud of the following position taken by the American Association of University Professors, http://www.aaup.org/newsroom/press/2005/AUT.htm.

I, like many colleagues across the world, have voluntarily associated myself with Bar-Ilan University by becoming a proud member of its newly established International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom, a freedom which your recent action threatens to undermine.


Shlomo P. Neuman
Regents' Professor
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources
1133 E. North Campus Drive
University of Arizona

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