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Professor A.H. (Tony) Winefield, Ph.D, School of Psychology

In a message dated 7/5/2005 3:43 PM. Eastern Standard Time, Professor A.H. (Tony) Winefield writes:

Dr. Ed Beck,
President of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East,

Dear Dr Beck,

I want to say that I am shocked, appalled and outraged by the recent
decision of the Association of University teachers in the UK to
boycott universities in Israel.
I want to congratulate you on your efforts to oppose the boycott and I
am enclosing a recent CV with the request for affiliate faculty status
at Bar-Ilan University and Haifa Universities.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Winefield

Professor A.H. (Tony) Winefield, Ph.D
School of Psychology
University of South Australia

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