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Norman Swartz, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy

In a message dated 5/8/2005 2:41:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time Norman Swartz, Professor Emeritus writes:

Dear Colleagues,

In response to your Action Alert 5.4.05, I would like to apply to Bar-Ilan and Haifa Universities to be accepted as an adjunct professor. Could you please provide me with the two relevant email addresses in Israel.

Is SPME the successor of American Professors for Peace in the Middle East and its affiliated chapters outside the US (e.g. the now defunct Canadian Professors for Peace in the Middle East)? Twenty-five years ago, there was a chapter of CPPME active on my campus (Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada). Please tell me what is involved in creating a chapter of SPME.

Many thanks and I wish SPME the greatest success in its efforts.

Yours truly,

Norman Swartz, Professor Emeritus
Department of Philosophy
Simon Fraser University

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