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Edward S. Beck Ed.D. CCMHC, NCC, LPC, President Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

In a message dated 09 May 2005 1:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, Edward S. Beck writes:

From: ScholarsforPeace@aol.com
To: hq@aut.org.uk ; sally.hunt@aut.org.uk ; president@aut.org.uk ; brian.everett@aut.org.uk
Sent: Monday 09 May 2005 1:51 AM
Subject: Protesting the AUT Boycott of University of Haifa and Bar Ilan Scholars

Dear AUT Officials

In my roles as an academic, a leader in an academic organization and an former academic member of a union, I am writing to you to let you know of the following actions I have taken to condemn your actions against colleagues in Israel.

1) I am working with the American Federation of Teachers to help them develop their statement condemning the AUT boycott.

2) I worked with the American Association of University Professors to develop their statement of condemnation for the AUT Boycott.

3) I have sought affiliate faculty status at both Bar-Ilan University and Haifa University. I am pleased to say that I have received an appointment as a Fellow in the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies and will serve as Academic Corresponding Secretary to The International Advisory Board on Academic Freedom at Bar Ilan University. I am waiting to hear of my appointment at Haifa University. So please add me to your boycott.

4) I have initiated efforts to issue condemnation statements from my academic societies of the American Counselor Education and Supervision Association and the American Counseling Association.

5) I have encouraged scores, if not hundreds of colleagues to share their feelings with you about this boycott as you are being watched by the world as you have separated yourselves from the academic world with this action

5) Finally I am working with my elected officials in the US Congress to see if there cannot be a condemnation resolution of this egregious act.

I trust you understand the depth of my feelings about your succumbing to the basis anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments of some of you misinformed and clearly prejudice Council.

Edward S. Beck Ed.D. CCMHC, NCC, LPC
President Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
Alvernia College 1997-Present
Susquehanna Institute 1992-Present
Penn State University 1972-1991

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