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*Please note that the context in which this statement was formulated was specificall y an internal one, i.e. this was an appeal to colleagues and the AUT.

The AUT Boycott and the Parkes Institute.

As a pioneer of dialogue in a world in crisis, James Parkes promoted discussion and debate between groups, religions and peoples in conflict. In this spirit of commitment to dialogue, teaching members of the Parkes Institute regret the decision of the AUT to pursue a voluntary boycott of two Israeli universities. If taken further, this decision may hinder our efforts at bridge-building, in particular in the area of Muslim-Jewish relations which we are actively promoting. With this in view, the teaching body of the Parkes Institute does not intend to alter its relations with members of Israeli universities but instead will continue to invite, as appropriate, academics from Israel, Palestine and elsewhere to our seminars and conferences and to participate in our academic and outreach activities.

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