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Stanley Dubinsky. Book Review Editor, Language

In a message dated 04 May 2005 7:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, Mr. Stanley Dubinsky writes:

To: brian.everett@aut.org.uk; hq@aut.org.uk; president@aut.org.uk; sally .hunt@aut.org.uk;

Subject: AUT Boycott of Haifa and Bar Ilan - please add my name

Greetings, In response to the AUT Boycott of Haifa University and Bar Ilan University , an act which offends every principle of academic freedom, I have requested affiliation from the two boycotted institutions. I Have received an affiliation with Bar Ilan University and am awaiting a response from Haifa University . I would therefore request at this time that you add my name to the list of faculty to which your union's boycott pertains (for the purposes of making it clear that I fit into the boycotted category of faculty , you should attribute to me any and all opinions which would place me in the class of individuals who are to be boycotted).

Please note that, as the book review editor for "Language" (the Journal of the Linguistic Society of America ), members of your union who are linguists (e.g. Sue Blackwell) and who seek either to have their books reviewed by the journal or to write reviews for the journal will have to choose between the advancement of their academic careers and a violation of their union's bycott. I, for my part, will not boycott any one for their beliefs in my capacity as review editor, no matter how at odds with my own, but I will be certain to advise my British correspondents and colleagues of the dilemma that the AUT boycott places them in, when I deem it to be appropriate.


Stanley Dubinsky
Book Review Editor, Language
Stanley Dubinsky
Linguistics Program
University of South Carolina

homephage : www.cas.sc.edu/ling/index.html
International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom

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