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Washington, D.C. - The American Association of University
Professors issued the following statement:


Delegates to a recent meeting of the British Association of
University Teachers (AUT) approved resolutions that damage academic
freedom. The resolutions call on all members of AUT to "refrain from
participation in any form of academic and cultural cooperation,
collaboration, or joint projects" with two universities in
Israel, Haifa University and Bar Ilan University. Excluded from the ban are
"conscientious Israeli academics and intellectuals opposed to their
state's colonial and racist policies," an exclusion which, because it
requires compliance with a political or ideological test in order for
an academic relationship to continue, deepens the injury to academic
freedom rather than mitigates it.
These resolutions have been met with strong condemnation and calls
for repeal within the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The American
Association of University Professors joins in condemning these
resolutions and in calling for their repeal. Since its founding in
1915, the AAUP has been committed to preserving and advancing the
free exchange of ideas among academics irrespective of
governmenta policies and however unpalatable those policies may be viewed. We reject proposals that curtail the freedom of teachers and researchers to engage in work with academic colleagues, and we reaffirm the paramount importance of the freest possible international
movement of scholars and ideas. The AAUP urges the AUT to support the right of all in the academic community to communicate freely with other academics on matters of professional interest.
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The American Association of University Professors is a nonprofit
charitable and educational organization that promotes academic
freedom by supporting tenure, academic due process, and standards
of quality in higher education. The AAUP has 45,000 members at
colleges and universities throughout the United States.

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