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To: Sally Hunt,
General Secretary, The Association of University Teachers
United Kingdom

Dear Ms Hunt,

I was really shocked to learn about the AUT decision to boycott Haifa and
Bar Ilan Universities in Israel and the related decision to offer a waiver to scholars that would publicly state their willingness to conform to this particular decision.

Such behaviour is unquestionably illiberal and does not have any ground
in the academic tradition of supporting freedom of thought and tolerance.

On the other hand, the policy enforced in both Haifa and Bar Ilan Universities is a true bulwark of freedom. Not only the teaching staff includes scholars of different ideologies - not to mention their different ethnical background - but it has been decided not to take any action against Dr. Pappe, responsible of exposing his University to the AUT boycott.

On this basis, I wish to express my unconditional solidarity to the Israeli universities and their faculties and, as a symbolic gesture of defending academic freedom, I ask AUT to include me in the boycott list. I hope that other collegues of all political standings will join me in this decision.

Marina Marini, PhD
Associate Professor of Cell Biology
University of Bologna


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