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An Appeal by academia in Germany against the British attempt to boycott
Israeli Universities Berlin, May 2005


We, the undersigned German academics, protest against our British
colleagues, who have endorsed a regulation boycotting Israeli academic
institutions. We reject such an unjustified demand vigorously and
instead demand solidarity with Israeli universities and their
instructors and researchers. The Israeli universities are
internationally recognized as highly outstanding institutions. Besides
their Jewish students and students of other nationalities, they provide
academic instruction to many Arabs as well. The boycotters hide this.
In view of the historical guilt of Great Britain regarding the Jewish
people having prevented by force the refugees seeking safety from death
in National Socialist occupied Europe and later the survivors of
concentration and annihilation camps, from entering into the British
mandated territory, the call for boycott of Israeli universities is an
indication of the incorrigibility and bias of the boycotters, which is
scarcely consistent with academic education. Europe, including Great
Britain, has a historic responsibility for its exiled Jewish citizens
and their descendants, for the Jews whom they displaced from their midst
and murdered. The guilt regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict lies in two
thousand years of European "Judenpolitik" (policy towards Jews).
Historians and university graduates should know this.

We, the undersigned, declare our solidarity with the Israeli
universities threatened by the British boycott: Professor Dr. Karl E.
Groezinger, University of Potsdam; Dr. Elvira Groezinger, University of
Potsdam. Please sign this call, forward it to friends and acquaintances
and return to us: kgroezi@rz.uni-potsdam.de


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